How Dirty Is Your Mattress?

If you live to be 75, you will, on average, use 25 years of that sleeping. Okay maybe not all of it happens on your mattress, but you’d imagine (or like to imagine) that you’ll be spending a significant amount of comfy shuteye on your very own bed. Besides, other than plain old sleep, you’ll be on your bed chilling, reading, browsing the web, binging Netflix, snacking on Cheezels, and basically doing whatever it is you do to get comfortable and de-stress.


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The thing is, the more you use your bed, the dirtier your mattress gets – no snacking is free of crumbs, after all! But how dirty is your mattress, exactly?

Ready to be horrified? Here’s what your mattress might be harbouring:


1. Bacteria

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Humans normally carry a lot of bacteria with them, on their skin, clothes, mobile devices… so anything you bring with you onto your bed will spread its icky germs all over your mattress. This includes bacterial strains that live on your skin, oral cavity, stuff from fecal matter, bacteria from all over on your phone and on your pets, and any icky place you’ve been to (and can imagine). These bacteria can stay in your mattress for some time, and cause diseases and infections!


2. Mould Spores

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Mould and mould spores will happily live in your mattress. They’re hardier than bacteria, so they’ll stay with you for much longer and expose you to toxins, allergies, and illnesses as well. Mould can establish themselves and grow deep in the fabric and stuffing of your mattress, while spores can come from uncleaned air conditioners, walls, ceilings, clothes, and so on.


3. Allergens

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Dust, mites, bits of dander, fur, and hair are all known irritants that can cause allergies to flare up. And they can hide in your mattress for a long, long time, especially if you only clean it occasionally! You’ll pick these up throughout your day, and they’ll fall off and happily establish yourself in your bed when you’re getting cosy. Letting your pets onto your bed also increases the chances of these icky things making themselves at home in the bed with you.


4. Crumbs

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Eat at your bed? Then expect crumbs and food scraps to fall onto and dirty your mattress. Even if you’re really really careful, some crumbs, scraps, and leftovers would find itself lodged in your bed. Food residue can rot and produce a bad smell, as well as attract disease causing pests like rats, cockroaches, and mould. Bacteria can also grow and feast on these crumbs and bits. Besides, rotting food will also give your bed a bed smell!


5. Dead Skin Cells

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You shed a lot of dead skin cells throughout your life, and even more so on your bed because your skin is in contact with the mattress’ surface. These will accumulate and dirty your mattress, making it smelly and full of stains. The buildup will also attract pests and mites!


6. Sweat

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Even with the fan or air conditioner on, you’ll likely sweat all over your mattress! In fact, your mattress can soak up to 26 gallons of your swear each year! The sweat does dry up, but the salts and dirt residues remain, staining and dirtying your mattress.


You can protect your mattress – and yourself – by using good mattress covers. Ensure that you only use your bed when you’re clean and after you’ve showered, and avoid letting your pets onto the bed with you. It’s best not to snack and eat near or on your bed either!


Cleaning your mattress once in a while also helps – if you’re in need of mattress cleaning services, get in touch with one of  the many professional cleaners on Kaodim today!