How To Host The Best Euro 2016 Finals Party

Why should you host a Euro 2016 finals watch party at your home? Because it’s always fun having a crowd when you’re watching France against Portugal, and you’ll need a crowd to keep you awake during the wee hours of the morning. So here’s how to host an awesome Euro 2016 finals party that will get your friends raving about for weeks!

cleaner in the house

Clean Your Home

A clean space makes the party more enjoyable. If you don’t have time to vacuum your home, hire cleaners so you can move down your list of things to do.  And while you’re at it, make sure you get the bathroom cleaned too because dirty bathrooms are a big turn-off to everyone.

delicious fries

Serve Yummy Food

No food, no party. That’s how it works. Prepare some simple snacks such as cocktail sausages, french fries, chips and dip and popcorn if you like. Or if you want to kick it up a notch and have a full-fledged food party (because that’s always more fun, right?), hire a caterer to prepare the dishes you have in mind!


Interior of a living room with shelves and sofa with pillows.

Set Up Your Living Room

Make sure you have comfy chairs and tissue packets nearby, along with garbage bags, because you’ll be camping out in front of the TV for hours. If you have extra time, decorate your space in flag colours of the team you are rooting for, be it France or Portugal.

sofa living room

Organize The Seating Arrangements

There’s a saying that goes, “Don’t sit a bulldog next to a gator.” So be sure not to plant the French supporters on the same couch as the Portuguese fans, because there’s bound to be trouble in paradise. People can get really passionate about football, and the last thing you want is to play referee among your pals, on top of being the host.

drinking game before game starts

Have Simple Games Before The Actual Game

A good host knows how to keep the guests entertained. Before the game begins, make bets with your friends to see whether France or Portugal will win the title, and you could even go the extra mile to incorporate a drinking game to make things more interesting. For every goal that Portugal scores, the French supporters would drink, and vice versa.

airond servicing

Service Your Aircond

The finals can get intense. It can be nerve wrecking and you’ll be jumping around breaking a sweat. With 10 of your buddies in the living room, it can get pretty warm and stuffy. When was the last time you serviced your aircon? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to call in an aircon service contractor to make sure your unit is properly serviced before your Euro 2016 watch party.  You want to make sure your aircon is on at full blast and that it doesn’t let your buddies down throughout the game.

Hands on yellow gloves cleaning a WC

Fix Your Toilet

This could be more important than you think. Several hours in front of the TV with lots of drinks and food just means your guests will be frequenting the bathroom quite a bit. And everyone hates a bathroom where the flush doesn’t work, or the sink is constantly clogged up. It can be pretty embarrassing for everyone when the toilet doesn’t work. Don’t turn this watch party into an awkward embarrassment for yourself (as the host) and your guests. Hire help from a professional plumber via Kaodim.

man watching tv at home

Invest In A High-Definition TV

Lately, the high-definition TVs have taken up the tech industries in a storm. It’s not necessary to get a new TV if yours is working perfectly fine, but in case you’ve been considering getting a new one, the HD TV offers higher resolution and a fuller experience as you’re watching something as exciting as the Euro 2016 finals. It’s worth every cent.

Haven’t done any of the above? Well, the finals are coming up on Sunday so it’s not too late to start the preparations now. Head on over to for all the services mentioned above, and more! You’ll get to compare competitive prices from our trusted service professionals, review their profiles and read reviews from previous customers before you hire.

written by Carissa Gan