Home trends for 2021

It’s a brand new start! Give your home a fresh new look to celebrate the new year. Check out these 2021 home trends as a reference for your upcoming home improvement project!

Colours of 2021

Colour of the year

The 2021 Colours of the year are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, as announced by Pantone. The combination of both colours can make your space calm yet lively. Decorate your space with Ultimate Grey furniture for a sophisticated vibe and accentuate with Illuminating yellow accessories such as rugs or pillows. 


Japandi aesthetic

Japandi interior

Japandi roots from the term Japan + Scandinavian. As the name goes, it’s a hybrid mix of the Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian’s warm and cozy tones. These two significant styles unite and blend well for a simple and relaxing interior as it focuses on appreciating the craftsmanship of simple items in your space such as your blanket or chairs instead of flashy decorations like a chandelier. 


Edible garden 

Edible garden

Last year, many people have generated the hobby of building their own little edible garden at home, be it at their outdoor garden, balcony or by the windows. Blessed by the warm weather and direct sunlight, this hobby of many is set to go on for 2021 as having unlimited essential herbs and vegetables at your fingertips is convenient and affordable! 


Indoor Plants

Indoor plants

Similar to an edible garden, the demand for plants especially indoor plants were flourishing as people spent much time at home last year. Indoor plants are low maintenance and are definitely a timeless form of home decor. Having indoor plants can not only make your space shine, many indoor plants can also clean the indoor air. 

Making small changes for your home can surely impact your comfort level and productivity. New year, new home. Refresh your home this new year for an upgraded quality of life. If you need more help getting your home in trend, be sure to check out our home services guaranteed to satisfy your home needs.