Home spots you are forgetting to clean

It becomes pretty obvious when your house is in need of a good clean – your laundry is piled up, dust bunnies are hopping around the living room. Everyone then goes through their basic cleaning routine. You start wiping surfaces, vacuuming and mopping the most common areas around the house. But is that enough? There are several places around the house that you may be forgetting to clean.   

The underside of furnitures

You probably vacuum and mop under the sofa and bed every so often but have you actually taken the time to look under the actual furniture itself? Dust and dirt can actually build up on the underside of sofas, bed frames, chairs and tables as well. To clean just use a vacuum or duster to get rid of the dust and spider webs that may have accumulated overtime. 

Walls and baseboards

Have you noticed how fuzzy your wall is? Dust and dirt doesn’t only accumulate on surfaces, but can also cling onto walls especially those with texture. Always start from the top and work your way down with a duster. Remember to clean around light switches, power outlets and door handles. Then finish by cleaning the baseboards. In more humid places like bathrooms and kitchens, you may need a damped cloth to wipe those baseboards as the moisture in the air can turn dust into soil. 

Top of doors, cabinets and picture frames 

It is easy to clean what is in plane sight but take some time to look up. You may notice more dust that you may like to see. Top of doors, cabinets and picture frames are easily looked over when cleaning and over time dust will accumulate. Also while you are cleaning up there, you might as well get to those ceiling fans and light fixtures cleaned as well. 

Vacuum and cleaning tools 

Vacuum, mops and other cleaning tools make cleaning easier. However, if your tools are dirty, you are just spreading the dirt around the house each time you use them. Mop, cloths and brushes should be cleaned after each use with hot water and disinfectant. Ensure these tools are thoroughly dried as damp tools will attract mould. The dust in the vacuum bag or cup needs to be dumped out after every use and the bag or cup also needs to be cleaned every month. Vacuums usually have filters that also need to be cleaned or replaced as well. Don’t forget to clean the vacuum’s rotary bar and brush too as string and hair tends to build up.  

Feeling overwhelmed or just don’t have the time to deal with all the cleaning? Don’t worry. Just book one of our trained cleaners and leave it to them.