Why your home needs to be disinfected pronto!

No matter how often we clean our home, there are still many germs, bacteria, dirt and other invisible particles that can potentially threaten your health. Actually, normal cleaning is only a process of physically removing these microorganisms from surfaces which is not the most ideal easy to get your home germ-free. Here are 3 reasons why your home needs to be disinfected pronto. 

Germs Love Your Livingroom 

Germs are able to hitch a ride whenever people move in and out of your home, therefore, some highly touched objects like the remote control, glass table, brass doorknobs can be easily contaminated by your germy hands. Also, the Coronavirus is scientifically proven to survive on surfaces for several hours! Besides washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, you should ensure all high-touched surfaces are germ-free in order to protect our family during this global pandemic outbreak. 

A quick hack to eliminate the harmful germs from these surfaces is wiping these surfaces with disinfectant cleaning products daily. If you need expert help, you can book our Kaodim disinfection service and let our experts eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and viruses from your home. 

Kitchen Germs Make Your Sick 

In fact, your kitchen is a potential breeding ground for harmful germs and bacterias! All these harmful microorganisms will contaminate your food and lead you to food poisoning, diarrhoea, vomiting or other illnesses. For instance, your kitchen sink can spread E.Coli and Salmonella to your food if you fail to sanitise it regularly. 

It is recommended to sanitise all of your kitchen surfaces such as the cooking hood, stove knobs, countertops and others regularly in order to reduce the risk of infections. Also, you can opt for our professional disinfection service to prevent you from getting sick due to the germs and viruses in your kitchen. 

Your Bathroom Is Super Filthy 

Your bathroom can harbour bacteria everywhere from the sink faucets to the showerhead. Experts have found that your showerhead can actually harbour mycobacteria which will damage your respiratory system and immune system among other harmful germs that have taken up room in your bathroom! We recommend booking our professional Disinfection service to get the expert help you need. 

During this crucial period, disinfection is an ideal solution to provide a germ-free environment and boosts your immune system at home. Book Kaodim Disinfection service now and our experts will come to you! Our experts are equipped with non-toxic disinfectants and are highly rated. Book now at fixed prices and you’ll be entitled a reservice if the service is below satisfactory.