Why Hiring a Personal Tutor For Your Child Is Worth The Money

Is your child dealing with constant low grades? Does he or she lack to match the learning pace of other children in class? Or simply, is he or she preparing for some special exams?

The perfect answer to all these questions would be – hiring a private home tutor.

Understandably as a parent, you would worry for your child’s academic career. And this is probably the reason why you splash out on their school/ college fee. But with this, it is important for you to understand that every child is unique.

Yes they are different, in terms of interests, learning speed, grasping power, and much more. So, even your kid isn’t able to score straight Aces at the moment, you don’t need to panic. All you have to do is look for a right home tutor who can assist with your child’s academic problems and needs appropriately. And before you start with your search, here is a list of benefits a private tutor can render effortlessly:

A More Strength Focused Training

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A tutor helps you child turn his ‘weaker’ into ‘strong’, and ‘strong’ into ‘stronger’.

For instance, a tutor who takes regular class of an hour spends 30 minutes working on the weaker skill like math. After a break, he starts on a strength-based subject, say reading or sports, for 10 minutes. Finally, concluding the class with 20 minutes of intense work on the weaker subject.

This way, it will be possible to work on both, weaker and stronger sections, altogether. And that too without causing any stress or boredom!

One-on-One Understanding and Learning

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Those overcrowded classrooms in Malaysian schools are one big reason which affects your child’s ability to learn. Just think over it- in a class of thirty or more students, is it possible for the class teacher to pay attention to every single child? Or will it be easy for a child to ask over his query in such a crowded environment?

You already know the answer. It is here when a home tutor comes into the play and offers your child personal attention. With one-on-one explanation, he not only understands the concepts fully but also feels free to ask questions. Eliminating the embarrassment, a tutor eases out the struggle of a classroom, enabling better learning every time.

Boosts self-esteem and confidence level

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Actually, a tutor will not only help will your child with his studies but also he creates a safe space for them to discuss issues that affecting his ability to learn. Now being understood in a better way, gives a boost to his self-worth and esteem, which further bolster up his skills at school and play.

Building a strong foundation

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You don’t need to start your search for a tutor when your child scores low. Be an early bird and begin with in the early elementary school grades. In fact, even in these classes, there is a lot of work to do, such as acquiring reading comprehension, learning mathematical building blocks, and much more. A home tutor can help your kid struggle and master these early skills, laying a strong foundation for the more challenging concepts in future.

Rules out the parent-child homework war

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When it comes to education, what is the toughest part of child-parent relationship? Yes, it is none other than- homework!

It is really difficult for the busy parents to spare proper time and help their kids with homework, assignments and projects. No, it is not your fault. You have so many things to do, including everything from dinner preparation to supervising their bath and bedtime routines. However, tutors add more to your relief, taking the pressure off and assisting your kid with his homework.

Lastly, remember tutoring is not a piece of cake. Hence, if you want your child to pass his grueling exams with ease, or just to learn more efficiently, look for someone who is experienced and proficient enough. Kaodim has professional tutors for English, Mandarin, Math and Malay subjects, as well as other foreign languages too. 

About Author: Lim Chuwei is the Director at ChampionTutor Tuition Centres Malaysia and has been in the industry for last 15 years. ChampionTutor is leading stop for all education needs with more than 10 years of experience in home tutor service & recently launched the Online tutoring services as ChampionTutor Online Malaysia.