Why Hiring A Personal Trainer Is Worth Your Money


“How I wish I had Kayla Itsines’ toned legs! Or Cristiano Ronaldo’s rock-hard abs!” And we say that as we’re chomping down on a double cheeseburger with extra fries while making a mental note to run 20 laps around the field later, a routine we know we’ll never adhere to.

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy – but the steps toward a solid body and great health require more than just the desire to be toned, but an actual commitment to a new lifestyle. And that commitment comes with a lot of discipline and self-restraint. We’re not going to lie – it’s not an easy journey, but it’s definitely possible when you’ve got the right motivation to push you forward.

Wouldn’t it be nice having an experienced mentor coach you through the process? Personal trainers can make a huge difference in your journey because they understand the struggles, they know your limits, and they can set certain guidelines in your exercise routine to refrain you from seriously injuring yourself. So if you’ve never had a personal trainer before, it’s time to change that.

Personalized Attention

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Just as the name suggests, a personal trainer will give you undivided attention and construct appropriate exercise regimes and nutrition plans that suit your health and physical well-being. What works for you might not work for someone else, so a good personal trainer will generate the most effective fitness program to help you achieve your goals based on your physical evaluation.

Accountability And Motivation

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It’s really hard to sustain a healthy fitness routine when you’re doing it on your own. That’s why you need someone experienced, motivated and confident to drive you toward your goals. A personal trainer will not give up on you even when you feel like giving up on yourself. Instead, he or she will push you according to your physical capacity, while helping you stretch your boundaries and accomplish new limits for yourself. By the end of every session, you’ll finally understand the philosophy of the phrase “No pain, no gain.” That’s a superb motivator right there!

Professional Guidance

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With the rise of Youtube videos aimed to coach you into a better physique, many people are choosing virtual trainers over physical ones. While these videos may be extremely effective, you’ll never really know if you’re actually doing it right because your virtual trainer can’t point that out for you. Personal trainers will watch you and correct you when you’re wrong. They’ll know which muscles to target, which is something you won’t be able to do by yourself or with a video.

Safety Against Injuries

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When an exercise routine goes wrong, you risk ripping a hamstring or straining your back muscles, which leads to serious injuries that can take up to months to recover from. Have an experienced mentor with you to show you the ropes of each workout routine, so you don’t end up over-straining yourself. And if you have an injury, you’re better off working with a personal trainer so he or she can pave the road to recovery for you through safe exercises that reiterate muscular balance.

Special Needs Training

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If you have health challenges such as asthma, diabetes or other cardiovascular issues that might restrain your physical activity, an experienced trainer can design the safest and most effective fitness programs for you.

Motivated to start working toward a healthier version of yourself? Don’t do it alone. Get a professional fitness instructor to journey with you, because he or she can provide the provide the best advice and document your progress each training session. Whether you want to shed some kilograms or sculpt some muscles, a personal trainer is your best buddy for that. Visit Kaodim to get free quotes from certified trainers who will give you positive feedback and boost your confidence to take on new challenges. Hire a health and fitness instructor via Kaodim and receive a free training session here!

written by Carissa Gan