Hilarious Games For Groomsmen At Chinese Weddings

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Chinese weddings in Malaysia are known for many things – the loud honking by groomsmen when they pull up at the bride’s house, the countless traditions that the groom and bride have to undergo before and after leaving the house, and the best part of all, the door games (or mini obstacles) that the groomsmen have to endure before the groom is allowed into the bride’s chamber, where she awaits shyly with a veil shrouding her pretty face.

Traditionally there is always a series of games the groom has to power through before he gets to “pick up” his bride. Usually this happens at the bride’s house, and the bridesmaids have to come up with a string of challenges that the groom and groomsmen have to fulfill in order for the celebration to continue. This always calls for hilarious pictures and laughing spectators.

No Money, No Honey

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This is one of the first obstacles that the groom’s party has to go through. Usually the bridesmaids will ask for an amount of money to be given for them before they allow the groomsmen into the house. The usual amounts are RM888 or RM999. This is because 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture. On the other hand, 9 represents eternity, which is fitting for the start of a marriage.

Pass The Seaweed

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One of the most loved games of Chinese weddings is the passing of the seaweed by the groom and the groomsmen. The men must pass thin sheets of seaweed using only their mouths to the end of the line. Hilarity then ensues and you will definitely get a range of unforgettable pictures and candid expressions to remember this day by.

Doing The Limbo

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Nothing’s funnier than watching a bunch of grown men try to limbo their way beneath a string of ang paos while everyone one cheers them on through fits of laughter. After all, love is all about bending over backwards for the one you love, right?

Tricky Flavours

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Marriage is a vow to be with each other through all the ups and downs, and that births the basis of this game. This game involves the four ‘flavours’ of life as a metaphor for the mixture of ups and downs the couple will go through. The sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavours are mixed, and the men are challenged to down a mixture. If they succeed, they are allowed one step closer to reaching the beautiful bride.

Superman Skills

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There is no better way for a groom to show his bride that he is capable of protecting her for the rest of her life than showing off his strength right before he sweeps her off her feet. One of the bridesmaids will quiz the groom about his bride-to-be and their relationship. For every wrong answer, the punishment will be 20 push ups or 5 pull ups. This is a creative (not cruel) way to test the groom’s knowledge of this future bride and a great opportunity to put him to work!

Declaration of Love

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The last challenge should always be a moment of silence where the groom reads out a romantic poem in Mandarin or Cantonese, or declares to 10 genuine reasons why he loves his future bride. This can turn into a sob fest because we know how much love will be in the room – or it can cause lots of laughter when the groom is awkwardly trying to get through a poem in a language he’s not familiar with. This calls for Mandarin lessons.

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written by Tashya Viknesh