Hiking Trails in Malaysia That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Malaysia is a tropical country, and this means that there’s plenty of rainfall all year round and lush greenery across the country. Malaysia is also blessed with many natural structures that are awe-inspiring. Lakes, mountains, valleys and caves that are millions of years old dot the country, and provide amazingly picturesque trekking trails for enthusiasts.

If you’re curious what some of the best hiking trails in the country are, read on:

Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah

Photo credit: Travelbungle

Gunung Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia and also in South East Asia. The trek up the mountain is pretty challenging and should only be attempted by seasoned trekkers. If you’re new to the whole trekking business, make sure you train adequately beforehand, as the climb upwards will take you to heights where oxygen levels may drop slightly. However, once at the peak, you’ll be greeted by a stark but beautiful grey mountaintop that looks breathtaking, especially when the sun rises over it. Needless to say, it offers an unrivaled view of the sunrise and sunset.

The Penang Hill Loop, Penang

Photo credit: Happy Trekker
Photo credit: Happy Trekker

The Penang Hill Loop has to be reached by tram, and is 11 kilometres long. Be prepared for steep portions and multiple trails that you can follow to the peak of Penang Hill. From the top, you can easily see the entire Penang island below, which is a stunning view. The trek takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete, but the weather is mild so the trails are not extremely challenging.

Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands

Photo credit: Go Traveller
Photo credit: Go Traveller

Cameron Highlands is a highland retreat in Malaysia famed for its cool weather and lovely strawberries. Here you’ll find Gunung Irau, one of the most challenging but most rewarding treks available on the mountain. Those who have come here describe it as being like a scene from ‘Lord of the Rings’ with ethereal moss growing on the tree trunks and branches. The place is often referred to as the ‘Mossy Forest’ due to its appearance which no doubt enthralls visitors from all over.

Bishop Trail and Pine Tree Trail, Fraser’s Hill

Photo credit: Marc Anderson Photography
Photo credit: Marc Anderson Photography

These cooling trails are located on Fraser’s Hill, another one of Malaysia’s highland retreats. It’s a never ending trail that treks up the mountain, beginning with Bishop’s trail and continuing with the more challenging Pine Tree trail. You’ll be able to see unique flora and fauna as you trek up, as the forest is home to many rare mountain species.

Sungai Chilling, Pahang

Photo credit: This YouTube video
Photo credit: This YouTube video

At the foot of Fraser’s Hill is a waterfall called the Chilling waterfalls and the trek there is a relatively smooth and easy one. Beginners will enjoy this trek which takes about an hour to complete, and trekkers will be rewarded with a cool and refreshing dip in the waterfall after a hot and sweaty trek.

Before embarking on any type of hike, it’s always important to be adequately prepared so that you can avoid any untoward incidences. You can start by training yourself, and our dedicated fitness trainers here at Kaodim are more than qualified to give you the help you need to scale any height and complete any challenge.

written by Michelle Chee

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