How Hiking Changed Me as a Person

how hiking changed my life
Photo credit: Isabella Beck

My Mom passed away when I was in college. I think I died on that very same day. I lost myself to booze and I refused to see people; friends and relatives who tried to help me.

I dropped out of school because I did not find enough reasons to wake up early and go to class to listen to another human being telling me about how there was light at the end of the tunnel. 

Then my elder sister, Anna, told me that maybe what I needed was some time away from my past life. She suggested hiking and I thought it was a good idea at first. I was hoping maybe I would trip one day and a big malicious rock would hit me so that I would die. This was until I tried it.

Hiking changes your perspective on life

Hiking was and is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life. I become a totally different person every single time that I go on a hike. You must be wondering how hiking changes your perspective on life. There are so many ways!

Hiking is the road to self-discovery

woman in jungle

It’s an amazing way of discovering the person that you really are. It allows you to experience life away from the comforts of your own house and the friendly environment that you are already used to.

It brings out the perseverance in you because you want to come out of it stronger and better. You are exposed to harsh conditions and the hope that you will survive is what keeps you going.

I did not know that I was so strong until I started hiking. It is for this reason that I cannot resist any opportunity to hike. It’s like getting a chance to meet a new person and it’s exciting.

It improves your creativity

Hiking is not just a walk. You are exposed to different kinds of environment. You get the rare chance to interact with different people and different cultures.

How can you still think the same way after so much exposure? You get to expand your creative scope and your imagination is heightened to a higher level. This will definitely change your general approaches to life. 

It’s an amazing way to keep fit

hiking mountain top

Are you struggling to lose weight? Maybe your fanciest clothes don’t fit you anymore and you are tired of trying to lose those extra pounds with little success. Hiking is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. You don’t just get to have fun; you also get to have your dream body! Give it a try and you will never have any regrets. This awesome experience will undoubtedly confirm that nothing is impossible.

Hiking improves a person’s health

You might think that hiking is just another way to lose weight, but it’s not. Apart from helping you shed off those undesired pounds, it improves the cardiovascular system and this automatically enhances your stamina.

It can also help you fight against fatal diseases like hypertension and arthritis. I have not had health problems since I started hiking and it gives me so much hope.

Hiking strengthens interpersonal relationships

couple hiking together

Hiking is one of the most effective ways to make friends. You might decide to go for that hike with a relative or with friends, and you will be different on your last day of that journey. People reveal their true selves then. I was able to know so much about my sister during that time and the bond between us became unbelievably strong.

Maybe you have those people in your life whom you love but “close” does not exactly describe your relationship. Hiking could be your magical solution! Try it.

Why most people have not tried hiking

Some people still have doubts about how hiking changes your perspective on life. Maybe because they have not given it a chance yet or maybe because they think it’s too much work. It’s not. 

You will tire and sometimes want to give up, but don’t deny yourself this life-saving experience. I once thought it was a good way to die, but instead I learned to live. I learned that it’s an amazing way to feel alive!

 I cannot tell you enough about how hiking changes your perspective on life unless you are willing to experience it yourself.

You might also be interested in a personal trainer before you attempt to hike. Give Kaodim a chance and hire a personal trainer to motivate you as you build your stamina for your next big adventure. 

Guest Author: Isabella Beck is a hiking enthusiast who has an in-born love for nature. She is the editor of MadOutdoorist.Com, a blog that provides crucial information about outdoor adventures.