5 Ways to Have a Gorgeous Balinese Garden at Home

Bali is an island in Indonesia that has a distinct culture of its own. It’s a popular destination for tourists who come here to enjoy the beaches and surfing, as well as the nightlife. Bali itself has its own art and practices you won’t find anywhere else in Indonesia or the world.

The Balinese are deeply religious Hindus and they have absorbed many of their beliefs into everyday life. If you ever visit Bali, you’ll be impressed by their dances and their various carved handicrafts. One of the most breathtaking things you’ll notice about the Balinese is their love and respect for nature, and this can be seen in their gardens. You can recreate the mythical and ethereal feel of Balinese gardens in your own front lawn or backyard by following these tips:

1. Choose tropical foliage

Photo credit: Imlix.com

Balinese gardens are known for their abundance of shady greens, and tropical flowers like the hibiscus plant. You can also plant Frangipani, Bougainvilleas, Jasmine, Birds of Paradise and the like. Unlike western gardens, flowers aren’t planted in large amounts to form a flower bed. Instead, flowers are used as highlights to the mostly green foliage like banana plants, ferns and bamboo. It’s therefore a good idea to space your flowers out between the trees and shrubs.

2. Balinese statues and carvings

Photo credit: Tapja.com

Gardens in Bali usually have several carved stone statues depicting characters from Hindu mythology and these are the epitome of artistic skill. If you don’t want to place these statues around, you can consider installing other forms of stylized Balinese carvings of flowers or plants. Both stone and wood carvings look fine, and be sure to space them out across the garden.

3. Add a wooden gazebo

Photo credit: Pinterest

One of the hallmarks of a Balinese themed garden would be the presence of a small shelter or gazebo, usually made of wood or bamboo. It’s important to make sure that the shady shelter you add is made of natural materials so as to preserve the harmonious nature of the garden. For this reason, avoid building one out of concrete or plastic.

4. Incorporate a water feature

Photo credit: Home Garden Design Plans

One thing that can make your garden more complete is the presence of a water element. Whether it’s a pool, a fountain, a pond of just a stone bowl with water plants, they all contribute to the whole idea that garden is meant to cool you down and promote serenity and calmness.

5. Complete your garden with a doorway

Photo credit: Bali Orchid Garden

Balinese gardens aren’t just nice to look at, but have spiritually calming and invigorating properties too. You can get some professional help to recreate the whole Balinese garden theme with some of our landscapers and garden designers on Kaodim. Just submit a request and we’ll send you free quotes to compare – it’s that simple!

written by Michelle Chee