How to Have a Buka Puasa Gathering on A Budget

The month of Ramadan is here and it’s a time for Muslims all over the country to spend more time in spiritual contemplation. However, it’s also a time to get together with friends, both Muslims and non-Muslims for breaking of fast gatherings. These gatherings are important as they foster understanding, acceptance and friendship among Malaysians of different beliefs, as well as being a good opportunity to enjoy delicious food together.

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However, with the rising costs of living, it’s quite common to wonder how you can organize a Ramadan buka puasa gathering without having to dig deep into your pockets. These tips will definitely help you work within a tight budget:

1. Organize your buka puasa in a pot luck style


Sharing the responsibility of organizing a buka puasa party doesn’t just mean that the cost is shared out, but the burden of preparing food, hosting the venue and providing eating utensils doesn’t just fall onto one person. It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to show off their cooking skills and bring their family specialties to be shared around the table.

2. Find budget caterers

Hot and spicy Asian dish. Delicious chicken sate or satay, skewered and grilled meat, served with peanut sauce. Fresh cooked with steamed and smoke.

The Ramadan season is one of those times you’ll find caterers offering all sorts of deals and packages, especially for big groups. In fact, you’ll be able to find caterers offering dishes at below RM10 per head for rice with one meat and one vegetable dish, with some fruits as a side. Head on to Kaodim to receive quotes from experienced caterers!

3. Book a hotel buffet early

raya food buffet
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Many hotels offer delicious buka puasa buffets. It will help if you find one that offers early bird discounts or group discounts. Some hotels have their promotions and special offers on group buying sites such as Fave, so you can buy coupons online and not have to pay full price.

4. Have a buka puasa feast at a mosque

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Many mosques and suraus nowadays organize what they call Morehs, or community breaking of fast events, so you can find out when your local mosque is having one and gather your friends to join in. This is a great opportunity to get to know the local community and your neighbours. However, if you’re bringing in non-Muslim friends, you should check with the mosque admin whether this is ok and ensure that they obey the dressing requirements.

5. Visit A Ramadhan Bazaar Together

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Shop for food at a Ramadan bazaar together and then break your fast picnic-style at the local park, or at someone’s home. Bazaar foods are often unique and very affordable. In fact, you can get a very satisfying meal with cool drinks with just less than RM10 per head. To avoid overspending and buying every delicious thing in sight, you can try bringing less food in your wallet each.

Moderation is the order of the day during Ramadan, and you won’t go wrong by trying to save and not overspend unnecessarily.

In order to get value for money package deals, you can always contact one of Kaodim’s caterers or event planners for their services. You’ll be able to compare their quotes before you choose to get the one that best fits your budget.

written by Michelle Chee