Got cleaning to do? Here’s how to get it done with a little fun

House cleaning. A most dreaded chore for some. An obsession for others. But most certainly a fact of life for everyone.

Here’s how you can have a bit of fun. And actually get some cleaning done.

1. Start with the bed


Make your bed first. It’ll instantly make your room look cleaner. And since you’re likely not to have made your bed for the last 18 months, it’ll give you an immediate sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. That’s a good start.

2. Multitask


Toss a good amount of washing powder on your toilet floor (spread evenly). Then stop to eat your favourite food, pop a zit or maybe decorate your forehead with stickers for 10 minutes. Make sure to leave the hose running while you do this – by the time you get back to work the toilet floor would be completely cleaned out.

3. Get your beat on

Music can make anything more enjoyable. Even cleaning. “The Final Countdown” by Europe or Meatloaf’s “I will do anything for love (but I won’t do that) are excellent choices to get you in the mood.

Final-Countdownmeat loaf

If you’ve read up to 3 (and you’re nodding your head in agreement) you really shouldn’t be doing any cleaning yourself. Get a part time cleaner or part-time maid services or hire professional cleaning services. The fastest and easiest way to do this is to head over to Kaodim to get the right house cleaners for the job. But if you insist, here are a couple more tips.

4. Mop Socks

dust slippers

Wear these mop socks and do the Melbourne shuffle. It’s cleaning and a fun workout all in one. Better still, invite all your friends over and get them to do the same. Unfortunately, Meatloaf will not be very effective here. If you’re all not up to dancing, put them on your pet dog and go for a walk indoors.

5. Get the kids involved

Hide sweets and treats around the house. Then get your kids to go into a scavenger hunt. If they find any of the treats while cleaning, they get to keep it. We’ve checked – this does not constitute child labour in certain countries. Just make sure you give them the candy.

Let’s face it. Cleaning is tough work. And chances are, you’re going to be really bad at it. Let the pros handle it. Get up to 5 introductions and quotations for all your house cleaning needs in just a few hours, and for free.

Kaodim, the faster and easier way to hire services. Make the most of you time.