Gorgeous Bathroom Sinks That Will Transform Your Home

Bathroom sinks may not be a large part of any interior design, but it’s an absolutely essential portion of the bathroom that everyone has to use on a daily basis. A basic bathroom sink and faucet will no doubt get the job done, but you can bring things to the next level.

A beautiful sink can really set the tone of the whole bathroom, turning it into an elegant or a fun place depending on what you desire. Here are some examples of bathroom sinks that are in a class of their own.

1. The Overturned Iceberg

This glass sink is deep and looks exactly like an iceberg, which can creates a clean and icy touch to the bathroom. It’s also extremely elegant and classy. The depth of the sink is highlighted by bright cool lights situated near the top of the sink. This light is reflected back by the glass surfaces and will help illuminate the whole bathroom.

Image credit: Les Maison

2. The Log Sink

Create for yourself a rustic sideboard sink embedded in an unpolished wooden log. The entire point of the sink is to have wood that looks like it came fresh out of the forest. Leaving the rough edges on the wood will give your bathroom more character and more authenticity.

Image credit: Recyclart

3. The Elongated Journey

The conventional concept of having the sinkhole at the bottom of the sink is throw out by this design. Instead, the water is pulled down by gravity through the snaking lines of the sink until it drops into a sinkhole located on the ground. No doubt this would make cleaning somewhat easier too.

Image credit: Volunteer Now

4. The Curved Convergence

In this contemporary, almost space age design the sink and faucet are fused into one continuous smooth design that melds seamlessly into one another. The sink and faucet combination is perfect for a futuristic bathroom.

Image credit: NRC Bathroom

5. The Wooden Water Map

In a departure from the usual curved forms of a sink, this sink has grooves etched into it that mimic a street map. Water coming from the faucet  flows to the centre over the grooves and into the sinkhole in this truly groundbreaking design.

Image credit: Stunning Homes

6. The Arctic Sink

Looking exactly like a fishing hole in cracked ice, this sink was created by the creative team at Koko Architects. It’s part of a larger bathroom project centered on the theme of frozen ice and snow. The uneven edges and dark depths of the sink is truly stunning with a cold and winter theme.

Image credit: Modern Homes

7. Stacked Pebbles

This sink offers an independent and abstract take on zen gardens features a stack of precariously balanced pebbles over a soft curving sink that seems to mimic the properties of water. The sink is made available in both reflective chrome and smooth porcelain.

Image credit: Home Designing

The best sinks for your bathroom are just waiting to be installed. Seek the help of any of our home renovation contractors and ask for the most unique and stand-out sinks they have. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be different with your bathroom.

written by Michelle Chee