Your Go-to Guide To Finding The Right Service Provider For You!

Finding the right service provider is a tough job because there are tons of options available for you. To begin your journey to find the right service provider for you, you will first need to find a service platform you can trust. Where else to go other than Kaodim, we have a wide variety of service options available and hundreds of service providers ready to help you, now let’s get started.


1. Browse through vendor directory


Now that you have selected Kaodim as the service platform, choose the service you need from the selection we have. After selecting the service you need, it’s time for you to browse through the vendor directory. Here you will find multiple vendors available, use this to your advantage and compare their quotes, prices and workmanship. This allows you to get an idea of the quotes and workmanship quality you will be receiving when you hire a vendor. Kaodim has a vendor directory with over 500+ vendor profiles, so don’t worry about not finding a vendor that matches your needs.   


2.  Check customer testimonials


One of the deciding factors to hire a vendor is their ratings and reviews. You can make your decision a little easier with the help of the testimonials other customers have written about the vendor. This certainly helps give you a better understanding of the work ethics the vendor possesses and a better idea of how the job will be done all from an objective point of view. Our vendors have an average rating of 4.7 and have all been background checked.


3.   Request for a direct quote and start comparing




By now you would have narrowed down your list of potential vendors, the next thing to do is request for a direct quote from each of the vendors and compare their quoted prices. This enables you to compare the price of the service and choose the one that’s the most bang for your buck.

If you are still uncertain about your choice of vendors, don’t worry just send them a message and ask them a few questions to ensure that your expectations can be met and all the details measure up. We also give free reservice to customers who are not satisfied with their service.


4. Book your preferred service provider




Last but not least, the easiest step of them all is booking your selected service provider. After making your decision, the ‘book now’ button has never been so tempting. You won’t have to worry anymore, our service professionals will take care of it and put your mind at ease. Just sit back and relax while we solve your problems for you. Browse through our vendor directory and find the right vendor for you now!