Glass Flooring Designs That Look Great In Your House

So you probably heard about Penang’s latest thrilling attraction: the Rainbow Skywalk at the top of Komtar, which happens to be Penang’s tallest building. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, this would be a spectacular feat to try – after all, it’ll make for a great selfie with the beautiful city looming in the background. Imagine treading gingerly on crystal-clear slabs of glass squares while you watch the rest of the world whizzing by right beneath your feet!

There’s something insanely cool about glass feature floors. Since they are creating quite a buzz in the design scene, we’ve compiled six cool home styles featuring glass floors that will lend your space a really modern, contemporary vibe.


Scandinavian Style

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We love the rustic elegance oozing from this sweet Scandinavian home. Glass floors, weathered down leather sofas, wooden tables and wooden tables are here to stay.

Walking On Glass

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How about a glassy second floor to complete the look? Glass, steel and stone are ideal textures for any modern house seeking a luxurious touch.

No Rug, Just Glass

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Instead of a plain rug, why not spice up your TV area with a gorgeous glass flooring? The trick here is to take advantage of the natural light streaming in through the skylights.

Staying Grounded

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If you have a fear of heights, don’t let that stop you from appreciating the sheer beauty of glass feature floors! Have it on the ground instead.

A Clear Corner

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The coolest feature about this home office is not the lights, the bookshelf or the beams. It’s the frosted glass flooring in the corner.

Walking On Water

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We saved the best for last! For those seeking to take this to the next level, you could construct a room with glass floors directly above your fish pond to lend the idea of walking on water. It’s a thrilling sensation to behold.

Life’s too short to confine yourself to rigid, archetypal designs. Satisfy your thirst for adventure by incorporating a glassy edge to your home and making every day a unique and exciting experience in your own house! Get free quotes from our talented home contractors on Kaodim.


written by Carissa Gan