Get Your DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers Here!

Are you still stuck with your standard-issued cabinets from when you first bought your house? Oh yes, we mean those tired looking pieces of brown ply-wood that are taking up half your kitchen space. True enough, cabinets are indeed a major focal point in your kitchen. Outdated kitchen cabinets in poor shape lend an atmosphere of neglect and need of repair.

Take advantage of this very important design element to refresh and change the tone of your kitchen vibe. Get your carpenter or contractor to come around for a cup of tea and touch up your cabinets while you’re at it! Have fun with these stylish makeovers:

1. Paint It Over

There are no hard and fast rules when selecting colours. Just bear in mind that you choices do not clash with other design elements in your kitchen.

You may want to stay traditional and opt for black or white. Go with green, red or yellow for a bolder look – the bolder the colours, the more distinctive your kitchen looks.

A cheaper alternative is to simple apply a fresh coat of stain to give them a brand new look.


2. Reface The Surface

You can reface your cabinet doors and walls with a whole range of materials – use veneer, wallpaper, stencil, bamboo, glass mosaic, chalk paint and even a traditional Malaysian ketupat-weave to completely transform your cabinets! Find out from your carpenter or contractor about the best type of adhesive to use for each material, you want them to stick not slip.


3. Install Undercabinet Task Lighting

Illuminate your kitchen counters and add drama with some undercabinet task lighting. You can achieve this in two ways – you can either hire an electrician to tweak the electrical wiring to install the lights, or get some inexpensive peel-&-stick battery powered LED lights.

The battery powered lights might not be as bright as those hard-wired ones, but they do create the same subtle effect. LED light bulbs are energy efficient and can last for a very long time.

4. Add Cabinet Crown Molding

This classic trim brings back some old-school charm without looking dated. Crown moldings come in different line and ‘crown’ designs. Unless you are experienced with DIY, mounting the crown molding on top of your cabinet can get a bit tricky – ask your carpenter for help.

5. Replace The Hardware

Changing your kitchen cabinet hardware can significantly alter the general look of your kitchen. Update the handles and knobs – small and simple, large and intricate – whatever your choice, your cabinets will acquire distinct looks and take on a new personality!


6. Install A Pull-Out Shelf

Installing a pull-out shelf is a great makeover to increase your storage space and make it easy to reach items stores at the back of the cabinet. It is entirely up to you if you want to replace one or all the shelves with a pull-out.

You should be able to find ready-made pull-out cabinet shelves from the hardware store. If you can’t find a size that fits your cabinet, you can always get them custom-made by someone who does woodwork or your carpenter (aren’t you glad you had him over for tea?).


Got your tools ready? If you just want beautiful cabinets minus the sweat, find out the nearest carpenter, handyman, house renovation contractor, interior designer and electrician who can do these cabinet work for you.

Kaodim has a whole listing of service providers and companies in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Puchong, Penang, Johor Bahru and more – let us know where you are and we’ll find the help for you!