Why Get Home Repairs Done Even During CMCO

Having CMCO newly imposed in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, most of us have already prepared and adapted to the stay at home lifestyle. However, businesses still need to run and your home repairs still need to be fixed. Here are a few reasons why you should have home repairs done even during CMCO.


1. Some repairs can’t wait



Depending on the problem and how severe the problem is, pushing the repair date back can lead to more significant damage not only to the specific problem but the area too. Not to mention, some damages are very dangerous and can be a serious threat to your safety.

To find out what are damages that need to be attended to quickly, read our blog on the 3 Damages That Require a Fix ASAP.


2. More comfortable during CMCO



Staying at home more means household woes become more obvious than ever. It is important that your home is in the best condition especially when everyone will be spending more time at home.

Making sure everything is working in optimum condition helps give you one less thing to worry about and gives you peace of mind. Having everything working as it’s supposed to also adds extra comfort points to your home that you would highly appreciate during CMCO. 


3. Our vendors are geared to safely serve you



Some may be sceptical having people other than your family members enter your home, especially during this pandemic. Be rest assured that all our vendors are strictly following SOPs set by KMM and taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

Keeping you and our vendors’ safety is our utmost priority especially during times like these. We would like to thank you for continuing to support us and our vendors. Together we can overcome this pandemic, in the meantime do stay home and stay safe and if you need home essentials done, remember you can always Kaodim.