Get Discounts When You Digitalise Your Lock!

Enhance your security with Sciener’s advanced digital lock!

What is Sciener’s Smart Digital Lock?

Always misplacing your keys? Sciener’s Smart Digital Lock features the advanced Bluetooth unlock function that allows you to unlock your door via your phone! That’s a dream come true right there, so you can bid goodbye to house keys.

The smart lock also comes with a password number pad in case your phone runs out juice, along with a multi-user key management that allows you to share keys with friends and family with an effective time limit without you needing to be there.

Product highlights

  • Manage users easily. You can deactivate the keys anywhere, anytime. You can also share the keys with friends with an effective time limit!
  • With the Sciener app, you can easily send keys to friends and family, making your life much easier.
  • Check on the door logs anywhere and anytime, along with detailed time records that allow you to control the door status with your mobile phone!

Browse the available products here and call Sciener at 016 822 0059 for more information.


Good news! Purchase this smart lock anytime before 7 July 2017 and Sciener will offer you 50% OFF your installation done by Kaodim professionals, and on top of that, you’ll also receive RM50 OFF all Kaodim services (except cleaning services)!

How This Works

Step 1: Purchase a Sciener lock
Purchase a Sciener digital lock before 7 July 2017 and Sciener will send a detailed instruction on how you can receive 50% OFF your installation!

Step 2: Get your lock installed with Kaodim
The installation will be performed by a Kaodim professional. Once you’ve purchased your lock, you can hire a Kaodim service provider for the lock installation.

Step 3: Enjoy the discount and digital lock
Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the benefits of a functional, hi-tech security system. Don’t forget to leave a review for the Kaodim service provider!