Funny Ways To Answer Relatives’ Questions This Raya

Hari Raya is a joyous season when families and friends flock to each other’s homes to celebrate the beauty of Raya, usually with a wide spread of delicacies and homemade Raya cookies. It is also the time of the year that warrants a series of interesting questions from family relatives and friends, that might border on your personal space, from your occupation to the number of kids you plan on having. Here’s how you can put a witty spin on your responses to your relatives’ common questions this Raya:

weighing machine diet

Wah, macam ada gemuk sikit? / Have you gotten fatter?”

Older relatives are usually pretty direct with their interrogations and statements, and it’s almost as though they expect you to nod casually and admit that you’ve gained a whopping 5 kilograms. It’s okay, just shrug and tell them, “I’ve just been eating a lot of Raya cookies.”  They’ll understand. 

beef rendang for ramadhan or raya

Dah makan? Makan lebih lagi! / Have you eaten? Eat more!”

Despite that former question, no one is allowed to diet during Raya. The host is always checking on you, even after you’ve devoured 2 plates of satay and heaps of rendang. “You just had 2 plates?” the host asks. “There’s plenty of food left! Eat more!” And suddenly you feel like it’s your responsibility to wipe out the buffet spread. So that explains the weight gain, doesn’t it? If you’re feeling extremely full and the host won’t take no for an answer, you could just smile politely and say, “I’m waiting for the food to digest so I can have more.” This usually makes the host very happy.

traveling the world

Nak buat apa lepas habis belajar? / What are your plans after you’re done with school?”

If you’re still in school, you’ll get this a lot. They’ll query you about your studies, your plans after college, and then launch into a 30-minute lecture on life lessons, usually drawn from personal experience or stories they’ve curated from friends and TV shows. Tell them: “I might travel the world for a year, maybe backpack around Europe. Then I’ll come back and work at a life-changing industry that saves lives.” And then jokingly ask if they’d like to donate to your dreams.

beautiful pink roses in a basket

Sudah ada boyfren/girlfren? / Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”

When you’ve hit your 20s, there’s no backing out of this question. The easiest response would be, “No, I haven’t found one yet.” But if you tell them you already have a significant other, it triggers curiosity and you’ll be peppered with more questions. So the best way to avoid further inquisitions would be to answer the question honestly, and add, “I’m just really, really focused on my studies/career/pet cat at the moment so I’ll keep you posted when there’s progress.” Or, you could always say, “Nope, do you have anyone to recommend?”

Bride and groom holding bridal bouquet close up

Bila nak kahwin? / When are you getting married?”

Some people actually get offended by this question, especially the ones who are not engaged or even attached. The best way to deal with this is to smile and say, “Once I’ve collected enough duit raya, I can probably afford the catering for wedding.”

smiling asian baby
Bila nak ada anak? / When are you having a baby?”

Whether you got married yesterday or 6 months ago, the baby question never gets old. Of course the most logical response would be, “When God thinks it’s right.” But if you want to shock them with a cheeky answer, just smirk and say, “Tonight.” Their expression would be priceless.

No matter how intrusive the questions may seem, it’s still a wonderful feeling to be united with loved ones. And most of the time, they bombard you with questions only because they care about you and are genuinely interested to see you progress to the next level in your life, take that leap forward and do amazing things. Whether it’s getting in shape or showing them amazing photographs of your beautiful new wife or newborn child, Kaodim is here for you. We have a wide connection of personal trainers, caterers, photographers, printing services and many more. Don’t let your relatives do all the quizzing. Strike up good conversations with them and ask them about themselves. Are they liking their scope of work? Do they have any plans for the rest of the year? Use this wonderful opportunity to tighten bonds and express your care toward each other. 

Now, tell us some of the funniest or interesting questions you’ve received and how you responded, because we would love to hear them. Selamat Hari Raya!

written by Carissa Gan