Fun Ideas For Unique Christmas Table Settings

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The soothing songs of Christmas are upon us and all Michael Buble fans are rejoicing because the songs of Christmas will be heard all over the place. If you’re deciding to have people over for a yummy Christmas dinner, you will need to dress your home up for your guests. It’s common to spruce up the entire home with Christmas decorations but don’t forget to also remember to create gorgeous table settings for when you all gather around for dinner! It adds to the entire aesthetic of the celebration.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with your table setting to make it feel so much more festive.

Hang A Wreath Chandelier

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One of the first things you can do before setting the entire table is to clean up around the dining room area so that you can start with a clear mind. If you need cleaners, Kaodim Direct is offering instant confirmation for cleaners the minute you decide to hire one. You can easily get a verified, top-reviewed cleaner within your price range, carefully selected by our team.

Next, get a wreath and use a lovely ribbon to tie it to the ceiling and have it dangle towards the table to create a lovely “chandelier”. It is certainly unique and unexpected! Take your wreath to the next level by adding some Christmas lights and pretty little ornaments! Bells and Christmas decor work great. 

Dish Out The Fancy Plates

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Fancy china always adds elegance to the setting. This is no exception, especially if you are having people over for a Christmas meal because a pretty, proper set of cutlery and plates ties everything together. Opt for colours like gold, cream and fig for that warm, luxurious Christmas vibe. 

Incorporate Colours To The Table

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If you don’t want a dull Christmas, we suggest adding a splash of colour onto your table. Got an excess of Christmas ornaments from the tree? Arrange them on a plate beside the candlesticks. Apart from ornaments, you could also play it up with colourful tablecloths. Having small jars of candy or berries will also infuse a wider variety of texture to the table.

Add Christmas-Scented Candles

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Candles do not only give off an amazing ambience but they also give out great aromas too. Yankee Candles are quite the hype these days, with their creative supply of holiday-infused scents such as firewood, hot chocolate or even fresh pine! You will be amazed at how a couple of Christmas-smelling candles can change the entire ambience of your home. 

Elevate The Space With Subtle Touches

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Finally, you can pick a few small trinkets that will go together with your decor and have it lay around the table to give it a more Christmas-like feeling. Add a little pinecone to the plate setting and you can see just how adorable it looks!

Don’t keep your Christmas decorating until the last minute! Planning a Christmas party is hard enough so you wouldn’t want time constraints to pull you down as well. If you ever need help planning the event, cleaning up your space or catering for the guests, we’ve got just the right guys for you. Check out our full range of services on Kaodim. Have a fabulous celebration ahead!

written by Tashya Viknesh