5 Other Foods That Will Taste Amazing With a Korean Twist

McDonald’s recently rolled out their Spicy Korean Burger in Malaysia. Everyone who has tried it has been talking about how spicy and tasty the burger is; while everyone who hasn’t is queuing up to have a taste of it.

We can tell from the hype that adding a Korean twist to our favourite food could potentially create something really yummy. So here are five other things that we think will taste great if they were Korean-ised:

1. Kimchi pizza

kimchi pizza
Photo credit: Kitchen Konfidence

Someone needs to make this now and sell it in Malaysia. The garlicky flavour of the kimchi will go really well with the marinara sauce and cheese. We totally approve this.

2. Kimchi dog

kimchi hot dog
Photo credit: Fortunecooking

If kimchi tastes good in a burger, it will taste great in a hot dog as well. Whether the sausage is marinated in kimchi before going on the bun, or kimchi is added as a topping or relish – we’re pretty sure it’ll taste just as yummy.

3. Nasi goreng bulgogi

bulgogi fried rice
Photo credit: The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

Marinated beef with fried rice? Sounds good! There’s a nice sweetness that comes with bulgogi sauce which is a great substitute for the usual dark soy sauce we’re used to putting in our fried rice.

4. IndomieĀ teotbokki

indomie tteotbokki
Photo credit: My Korean Kitchen

It’s a common thing to have tteotbokki with ramen – so why not have it with Indomie here? It’s basically like a spicier version of Indomie, with Korean rice cake and fish cakes to go with.

5. Cendol bingsu

cendol bingsu
Photo credit: Miss Tam Chiak

To make this, you just need to add the cendol jelly, coconut milk, and gula melaka to some shaved ice and red beans. We’re pretty sure this will get its own following if it’s introduced in Malaysia.

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written by Esther Chung