Floor Depot Is Synonymous With Flooring in Malaysia. Now They Have Their Sights Set On Asia

Floor Depot has grown to become an household name in Malaysia when it comes to flooring.  Floor Depot started right here in Malaysia in 2001 but now they’re set on establishing a strong presence in the rest of South East Asia.  They’re already exporting their products to more than 20 countries globally.  With their own factory in Semenyih, Floor Depot produces a wide range of laminate flooring products that’s received significant market recognition.  They’ve already expanded into Singapore, Indonesia and China.

Floor Depot’s operations follow a highly tuned and refined operating system from factory to retail.  This facilitates a systematic and close relationship with their business partners which span from building & construction companies to home owners.

“We provide innovative laminate collections, each with its own distinctive range to create a floor that is uniquely yours.  We also provide hassle-free fixing solutions for a small fee, whether to install a new floor or refurbish your existing one” says Edmund, Floor Depot’s marketing manager.

Wolo Hotel, Rhombus Bangsar, Rhombus Conduminium and the Hyatt KL are just some of their notable Malaysian clients.

Rhombus Bangsar. source: starproperty.my


hyattkl room
Hyatt KL source: kualalumpur.grand.hyatt.com

Together with Kaodim, Floor Depot extends its experience, expertise and wide range of products to your for all your flooring needs.

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