Fill It Up: How to Decorate Blank Spaces on a Budget

Imagine this: you’re walking around your house one day. Maybe you’ve just moved in, or maybe you’ve lived there for decades. It doesn’t matter, something is off. You turn and see a huge space in the wall that’s empty, and you finally figure out what’s missing.

Yes, you’ve just seen the perfect canvas for your next artistic home project, so now’s the time to get cracking and fill up that blank space with some character. Here are some ideas on how you can do that for cheap:

Old Baskets or Food Covers

Do you have any of those rattan or bamboo food covers or baskets sitting around you home collecting dust? It’s time to give them a new lease of life by repainting them and hanging them up on your wall. You don’t have to worry about them falling from their perches as most of these baskets and food covers are lightweight.

Photo credit: Houzz

Self Made Murals

Murals can be minimalistic, yet profound and attractive. You can paint your own murals by using not more than two or three colours. Remember to keep them as simple as possible, and keep the colours in harmony with the rest of the room’s furnishings and decorations. If you aren’t confident painting free hand, consider using a stencil plan that you can buy for a reasonable price at an art store.

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Fairy Lights and Photos

Fairy lights are quite affordable and you can easily be strung across any blank wall space. They’re so light that they can be easily held up by blue tack or tape. It would be an added bonus if you hung photos or pictures from the wires, clipping them on using small wooden pegs. Just be careful not to clip on anything too heavy.

Photo credit: Live Home

Dried Flowers

Flowers don’t have to be bought. If you have a garden, you can harvest some from your garden or from the wild, and hang them upside down on your blank wall. These will last for about 3 months tops, after which you’ll have to change them to another batch of flowers. These flowers will lend a touch of natural beauty to the room.

Photo credit: Renodots

Leftover Plates

Do you have a plate that’s an odd one out or that doesn’t match the rest of your dining set? Don’t throw it away. You can always use it in a group to decorate your blank space. Plates are versatile and you can arrange them is any creative way in order to express something new.

Photo credit: HGTV

DIY Paper Art

It’s a wonder what a few pieces of folded paper can do. With origami, you can create various 3D shapes which are very lightweight and can easily be put up on your wall. From birds to gold fish, geometric shapes to butterflies, the only limit is your own imagination. You may have to learn some new paper craft, but it will soon be worth the effort.

Photo credit: Meuble Garten

There’s a wealth of ideas you can implement on blank spaces to make them truly your own. If you’d like to embark on a more ambitious project to transform your empty wall spaces, feel free to chat with any or our professional interior designers and renovation service providers and enlist their skills in sprucing up your home.

written by Michelle Chee