Feeling stranded? Make the most of your time and get excited about what’s next! 

Have you been staying at home 24 hours scrutinising every expectation of your living space since the lockdown began? Whether you are wishing you had fixed your fridge or you wished you had gone with a pastel tone for your home instead of monochromatic red. Whatever it is good news is these things can be changed! So instead of just wishing for it, it’s time to start planning ahead and jotting down what services you need for your home post-MCO!

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Certain things require more planning…

You can start jotting down all the improvements you want to make for your home! Start planning your Pinterest board, compiling your home inspirations and looking up the different themes and trends you wanna catch up on! This is your time to make your home shine and by getting the experts involved in the process now, you will have ample time to start planning your dream home. 

Tip – Did you know good contractors usually have 2-6 months lead time for booking as they constantly have ongoing jobs at hand? Now, if you’re starting to feel the urge to transform your space here are services we recommend for those who want to add a little spice and customize their home! 

Services you may want to add: 

1. Renovation 

The renovation will be completed within the agreed time frame 

We will handle any disputes between you and the service provider

2. Feature Wall Painting 

-Create a unique signature wall from only RM6 per sqft

-30-day workmanship warranty

3. House Painting Services

-Transparent pricing, no hidden cost 

-Paint and labour all-inclusive 

4. Wallpaper Supply & Installation 

-Compare quotes and select your preferred service provider

– Get a reservice or refund if unsatisfied with service 

5. Cabinet Refurbishment 

– Includes replacement of drawers & drawer sliders

– New looking cabinet starting from RM1900. Great way to makeover!

Keep It Moving 

For those who are looking for new beginnings, new opportunities and are super excited about moving into a new home, you need to start planning now! Whether it’s what to bring, what to let go, and while you organise the necessities of what’s the next chapter for you, we’ll help move your belongings with ease. 

Service you may want to add:

1. Local Moving

Competitive low pricing which includes 2 movers

Free insurance coverage up to RM50,000

2. Premium Moving

-No limitation of distance within Klang Valley 

-Get a free site visit to determine your price & requirements

Home Health Means Your Health! 

Keeping clean and being more aware of personal hygiene has become extremely important especially during this COVID-19! The number of germs, dust, mites and other harmful microorganisms that could be lurking around can cause potential illness and trigger some of those terrible allergies! Therefore we recommend not just cleaning the surfaces but also cleaning the air. Give your home and upholstery a deep clean and keep continue to stay clean with our regular house cleaning! 

Services you may want to add: 

1. Aircond Overhaul Cleaning 

-Disassembling components for deep cleaning 

-An eco-friendly chemical cleaning 2x more effective than regular servicing

2. Aircond Chemical Cleaning 

-1 flat-rate across any horsepower 

– 30-day workmanship warranty

3. Sofa Cleaning 

Get rid of harmful bacteria dust mites, mould spores and other allergens

-Cleaning tools and supplies provided

4. Mattress Cleaning 

Our prices are one of the lowest in the market

-Eliminates dust mites, bacteria and mould 

5. Carpet Cleaning 

-Shampoo cleaning for carpet at your location

-Includes cleaning tools & materials

6. Deep Cleaning 

-Up to 4 hours (1000 sq feet and below) with at least 2 cleaners 

7. House Cleaning 

-Emptying of trash and disposal included 

2 hours, 2 trusted cleaners

So is your list ready? Remember procrastination is never the answer! Book us now and enjoy 30% OFF these great services. Can’t wait to make your house a home!