What Your Favourite Colours Say About You!

Your favourite colour can tell many things about your personality. Keen to find out if it’s true? Continue reading to find out what your favourite colours say about you!


1. Blue


Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. Your friends absolutely love you because you are loyal, friendly and always put others’ needs before your own.

Your stability, calmness and sensitivity towards others have made many grateful for having you as a companion. Having blue as your favourite colour maybe because you enjoy the peace it brings as well as its ability to calm you.


2. Red

Everyone knows red as the colour that symbolizes intense desire and aggression. If your favourite colour is red, you have a strong drive and determination. You are definitely a daredevil who prefers action and risk-taking behaviours, instead of sitting back and watching.

Red shows that you’re an outgoing and assertive person, who is passionate and extremely driven like a burning flame. You do not hide feelings and are very straightforward.


3. Pink


The colour of romance, your easygoing and optimistic personality makes you so loveable and friendly. You are probably a romantic person who is especially caring and encouraging.

You have many long-lasting and strong bonds with your friends and family because you are compassionate. You enjoy peace and harmony but don’t mind turning it up a notch and making the best out of a fun situation. 


4. Green


The colour green is most commonly signified as the colour of nature. You have a special connection to nature and enjoy most things related to Mother Nature such as gardening and other outdoor activities.

You are loyal and care for your family but reputation can get in the way as you find it very important in your life. You are fit to be a leader as you have clear visions and priorities which many respects.


5. Yellow


Yellow is the colour of joy, optimism and friendship. Your friends love you for your electric energy and positivity towards all aspects in life. However, in some situations, you tend to be shy and nervous, which is unlike your usual confident self.

One of your most appealing traits is your consistently sunny and fun disposition as well as your spontaneous nature.

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