Exclusive Tips on How You Can Improve Your Homestay Property

If you have a landed home or an apartment that you are renting out as a homestay residence, you’ll know that it’s important to have a killer marketing strategy so that you stand out from the competition.

Starting 1 July 2017, the government is imposing an extra tourism tax on all types of hotels and accommodations, including hotels and inns. Tourists will be expected to pay these taxes starting 1 August 2017.

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Many experts believe that this will drive guests towards homestays with short term rental options, like those found on AirBnb as well as iBilik. This is because homestays are not subjected to the tax, unlike hotels, lodges, boarding houses, hotels and the like.  Therefore, if you own such a piece of property, it’s time to spruce things up as holidaymakers may be showing up in droves pretty soon:

1. Service your air conditioning units

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It’s always good to ensure that all the air conds in your Airbnb unit is working well, and to do this you’ll want to call on a team of  air conditioning servicemen to help clean your filters and top up your coolant gas. It would be very inconvenient if any of your guests arrive and find that they’re staying in a place that’s hot and stuffy with a malfunctioning air cond. With heavy usage, an air cond unit should be serviced once every 6 months.

2. Keep it spick and span

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This is your chance to remove that stubborn spot on the carpet, or clean those dusty curtains. The cleaning fee is included in the rate for every tenant, but you can take this opportunity to take care of the stubborn issues, like difficult stains or damages that have to be repaired. A neat and clean house may sound like an easy and basic feature to provide your guests, but it also includes removing clutter and keeping things neatly in their storage spaces.

3. Provide some snacks or breakfast

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Visitors love it if you provide something extra, especially if you include some breakfast in your package. You can provide ingredients like bread, butter, kaya, milk and cereal for your guests to help themselves. Alternatively, you can cater some freshly made food to be delivered to your guests in the morning. Give them a taste of the local delicacies or specialties and include typical Malaysian breakfast fares like nasi lemak, roti canai and some kuih.

4. Work on your interiors

dining room home
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Comfortable and soft furnishings that can allow your guests to relax is preferable over stiff and formal furnishings. In terms of color schemes, pick a neutral tone and several relaxing highlights. Be sure to choose colors that promote rest and sleep for your guests, and avoid dark colors that make your place look smaller and more cramped. Place rugs and carpets on the floor to create a cozy atmosphere, and some cushions will help too.

5. Show personality

colourful and bright living room
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Guests will be attracted to homes that have a unique feature to them, so it’s good if you can add some quirky decorative item or twist to your home. For example, lining your walls with interesting artwork or adding some artistic clutter to the space so it doesn’t look too formal.

6. Provide 5-star toilets

bathroom stone flooring
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Your guests would be expecting clean toilets, but beyond that, you can provide that something extra with toilets that are designed like a top-rated hotel, with complimentary toiletries and rolled up towels, as well as rainfall shower heads or a nice bathtub. This will definitely improve your listing and attract guests to your home. You can always have a professional team of renovators from Kaodim to help you out with your bathroom makeover.

As a host, the quality of the lodging you provide will be vigorously reviewed on the rental sites, and good reviews will bring you more business. However, beyond the physical properties of the home, your friendliness and sincerity will do wonders to make your guests feel welcomed. Therefore, always remain cheerful, punctual and ready to solve any problems they may have.