Essential home services you need during MCO

We bet some of you are in dire need of services but unsure where to look during this MCO period. Well, look no further because we have the home essentials for you! Here are a few services that you can book during the MCO period!

Plumbing services

Are those pipes leaking again? Can’t enjoy your warm shower because the pipe is clogged? A leaking pipe or clogged pipe can cause unwanted complications such as flooding or mould growth on your ceilings or walls which will further break your bank. 

We recommend calling a professional plumber immediately if the problem persists, the good news is we are available to you now, but that’s not all, you can also opt for an online plumbing inspection with us! It’s really that easy. 

Disinfection service

During this virus season, everyone is definitely paranoid about their surroundings whether it is clean or sanitized enough. But you don’t have to worry too much, with our disinfection service you can get rid of 99.9% of germs and viruses from your home, or your office. The process is non-toxic and safe. 

Get a disinfection cleaning service today to rid your home of those pesky germs! Using only non-toxic cleaning products and will eliminate up to 99.9% germs on surfaces. 

Car seat sanitizing

Don’t forget that your car needs some tender loving care too! Your car may look clean but you can’t see the germs that are hanging around it. Besides, going for a quick grocery run may contribute to the germ buildup where you are exposing yourself to all kinds of bacterias and any possible virus. Get your car seats sanitized today so you don’t have to worry tomorrow. 

Aircond repair

Your aircond making weird noises? Could be a sign that you need an aircond repair. Sounds such as a loose change and constant beeping could indicate something needs to be fixed. The longer you procrastinate the more damage you could be causing to your AC. 

If you need home repairs, disinfection or other services during the MCO you can book our home essential services now! Remember, Kaodim has your back and we want to make your home as comfortable as we can.