Easy Tips to Build Small & Beautiful Gardens Quickly

indoor plants for apartments
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This is perfect for those who live in small spaces. We’ve got gardening tricks and tips to build a beautiful small garden quickly. 

Gardening is one of the most pleasant things one can do because of its numerous benefits. You can grow vegetables and fruits, which you can then use for the dishes that you are going to make. If you dream of having a garden but worried about your limited space, then the information below will help you.

Things to Consider

1. Pick the Right Soil

gardening - hyacinth, plant
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The first thing that you need to do is choose the right container. Since you have limited space, choosing the right size and the right type of container is essential. You need to pick a container that will drain the plants well to ensure that they remain moist and hydrated.

2. Choose the Best Soil

gardening soil
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Choosing the best soil is essential since you only have limited space. You need to make sure that your soil is packed with all the needed minerals since plants that are in containers have limited nutrients in them. This means that once the minerals have already been used up, they no longer have the ability to produce any more nutrients.

3. Choose the Right Plants

potted plants
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Another crucial thing that you need to think of is the plants that you are going to plant. You need to take into consideration the time, lighting, and the zone. If this is your first time gardening in your apartment, then it would be best to start with herbs since they are considered a beginner’s plant.

Gardening Tips for Small Apartments

Plant Vertically

balcony potted plants
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The best way to save space is by planting vertically, and you can do this by mounting the vertical container on the sides of your apartment or small balcony. You can start planting herbs in the containers, or you can also try planting turnips, swiss chard beets, radish, and as well as lettuce. Some plants need more sunlight for growing, so it would be best to dip the roots in a little hormone before placing to a pot. It’s so easy to choose the right rooting hormones in the market now.

Square Foot Planting

squarefoot planting
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Square foot planting is also useful in small apartments because you will be able to plant different types of plants in a very limited space. But you will need to construct the bedding and fill it with soil. It might be time-consuming at first, but once you start to get used to it, you will start growing vegetables that are organic.

Container Planting

wine crate planting
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You can also use containers for planting, such as wine crates. Container planting is good because you can quickly relocate them if needed. To ensure that your containers are stable, you can add brackets, liner, and protective seal along the crates’ corners. Once done, you can start planting the vegetables and fruits that you want.

Inside Planting

indoor garden
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You can also plant inside your home if you don’t have enough outdoor space. But if the insides of your apartment are not getting enough sunlight, then using a “three-tier sunlight garden” will do. Plus, it will be a great addition to your house’s decor.

Windowsill Planting

celery windowsill plant
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All you need to do is to get a basic pot as you will be using this for the windowsill. You can plant some celery to start with. It would be fun to harvest it for your cooking.

These are the gardening tips for small apartments that you will surely love. Some people think that not having enough space will deprive them of creating an excellent garden for themselves. But with the tips above, you will surely get to enjoy your very own garden regardless of how tiny it might be.

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Guest Author: Ann Katelyn has dedicated most of her life to gardening, the hobby she enjoys more than any other. As a fan of flowers and plants ever since childhood, Ann has studied flowers in all their beautiful varieties, from popular, world-class roses to the rarest and most exotic orchids. You can find more of Ann’s writing at her blog, SumoGardener.com.