Gogoprint: Premium Online Printing Made Easy & Affordable

Photo credit: wncbusinessbrokers.com

At one point or another, we all need to do some printing, be it for business cards, invitation cards, flyers, posters, or anything else. Unfortunately, getting products printed is not always as easy or convenient as it should be. After doing some research and comparing different services, we found Gogoprint, an online printing website built around convenience, transparency, and speed.

Through its easy-to-use and reliable website, Gogoprint allows you to customise and order high quality business stationery and promotional materials for your business, delivered anywhere in Malaysia. For example, you can order name cards or flyers, and choose the exact configuration that you want or need. The ordering process is divided in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Choosing your product and options

After selecting the product that you want from Gogoprint’s homepage or the dropdown menu in the header, you will be led to a dedicated product page to customise your product. Selecting the options that you desire instantaneously updates a pricetable with different quantities and production speeds (see below). This is great, because it shows how dedicated Gogoprint is to pricing transparency and delivery deadlines, which is usually not so much the case for printing companies.

Based on the production speed that you select (and if you pay and upload your artwork files in time), you can receive your products as fast as 2 days after your order, with normal production taking somewhere around a week for the products to reach your doorstep.

Photo credit: gogoprint.com.my
Photo credit: gogoprint.com.my

To add the quantity and production speed that you desire, you just click in the pricetable, which will open a pop-up window where you can choose final options and add to your cart.

Photo credit: gogoprint.com.my
Photo credit: gogoprint.com.my

Step 2: Paying for your order

Once you have added all the products that you need to your cart, you can check-out your order and pay for it. You can choose from three different payment methods, all of them secure. You may either settle your payment through Internet Banking, online Debit/Credit Card payment, or a traditional Offline Bank Transfer. Please note that Internet Banking and Debit/Credit Card are the fastest and most secure payment options. If you are in a rush or are looking for the highest level of convenience, these payment methods are the right ones for you!

Photo credit: gogoprint.com.my
Photo credit: gogoprint.com.my

Step 3: Uploading your Artwork File(s)

Gogoprint asks all of its customers to upload a print-ready PDF artwork file(s) for each of the products ordered. If you don’t have an artwork yet or only have your Flyer/ Business card in hardcopy form, you can simply contact Gogoprint’s customer service to find a solution. Properly setting up, configuring, and saving an artwork file for printing is very important to ensure high quality printing results, but it is quite complicated. That is why Gogoprint offers extensive help in its help section and blog.

Step 4: Reception of your products

Gogoprint always delivers your order for free all over Malaysia. Once the order is shipped, you receive an email containing the tracking code allowing you to check the status of your delivery at any time.

All in all, the website offers a holistic and seamless printing experience that will surprise you from the point of view of ease-of-use, quality, and speed – especially if you used to do your printing through traditional websites. So if you’ve never tried Gogoprint, give it a try!  You won’t be disappointed.

Author Bio: Adrien Ulens is from Gogoprint.com.my, a leading online printing marketing and technology firm that supplies premium printing services and trusted colour printing at discounted costs.