10 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles You Need To Try This Month

We’re sure you got your baju rayas ready as Raya is just a few days away! Girls will understand the need to match their kurung, kebaya, and jubah with the right headscarves and hairstyles. This applies to the non-Muslim ladies who plan on attending their friends’ open houses too!

Here are some super gorgeous hairstyles you can easily try out at home for Raya:

1. The classy ponytail

classy ponytail
Photo credit: Kathleen Kamphausen, Lauren Ahn

We understand that you like to keep your hair up as much as possible since the Malaysian weather can be pretty unforgiving. Make your usual ponytail slightly fancier by wrapping your front hair around your ponytail to get this sophisticated look.

2. Fake a bang

fake bang
Photo credit: Target Style

Been wanting a bang but got no time to visit the salon? You can actually get the perfect bang by faking it. Just grab a section of your front hair and pin it to the side.

3. Tie a bow

hair bow
Photo credit: Trend 2 Wear

How cute is this? It’s pretty much like how you would tie your ribbons, just form a bun with your hair and secure it with a rubber band. Gently pull the strands to form the bow, then use a little strand to create the centre bow parting.

4. Have fun with your hair pins

creative hair pin
Photo credit: Kathleen Kamphausen

Hair pins aren’t just invisible assistants that help you secure your hair, feel free to show them off too! Don’t be afraid to be creative in how you display your hair pins, form shapes with your colourful pins and you’ll instantly get the limelight at every open house.

5. The model-like ponytail

low ponytail
Photo credit: Lulus

Try this if you’re going for an elegant and chic look. This hairstyle is super easy to emulate and is perfect for those with long, straight hair.

6. Twirled half updo

twirled updo
Photo credit: Kristin_ess

Use both hands to twirl the hair on your sides. Bring them back and secure them with a nice hair pin. This style is suitable for everyone, whether you have short or long hair.

7. Rolled updo

rolled updo
Photo credit: Justin Coit

This classy updo starts with a simple low ponytail. Split your ponytail into half and tie a rubber band at the ends of each strand. Insert a hair pin on each strand vertically and start rolling them up till they reach your head. Pin them in place and there you have it  – a beautiful, elegant updo.

8. Glam roll

glam roll
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Who knew that rolling up one side of your bangs can make you look like a supermodel ready for the red carpet? All you need to do is roll a strand of your front hair dramatically and pin it to the side.

9. Half up knot

half up knot
Photo credit: Treasures & Travels

Do a half updo and twirl the part of your hair that’s on top. Tie a simple knot with it and secure it with hair pin to get this look.

10. Messy half-bun

messy half bun
Photo credit: Kristin_ess

Twist your hair from the sides till you form a bun. Then take a rubber band and fasten those strands of hair. Don’t worry if it looks messy – let a few strands run free to create that romantic look.

If you’re still unsure about which hairstyle to sport for Raya, Kaodim’s professional hair and makeup artists are here to help! Just fill in this form and let us know what you’re looking for, then sit back and relax while we send you quotations for free.

written by Esther Chung