7 Easy & Elegant Hairstyles Inspired by the Lovely Emma Watson

The hype surrounding Beauty and the Beast is only going to get bigger as the movie release date gets nearer. If you’re planning to catch the first few screening slots in the cinemas on the release day itself, why not style your hair like Belle or Emma Watson for the occasion?

It is, after all, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience our favourite childhood movie in live action!

Belle (in the village)

emma watson as belle in beauty and the beast
Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Emma Watson sported a ponytail with a ‘double twist’ as Belle in her home village. Twist the hair loosely at the sections near your ears a few times, secure it a few inches behind your ears with a pin, then tie the remaining hair together with a blue sash. This is suitable for those with wavy hair.


You can follow the simple tutorial here.

Belle (winter time)

emma watson as belle in beauty and the beast
Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

This is one of the easier hairstyles to emulate, as well as one of our favourites. Suitable for those with straight and wavy, comb your hair to make it straight, then do a centre-parting. Tie your usual half updo and tuck the stray strands of hair behind your ear, and you’re ready!

Belle (the dance)

emma watson as belle in beauty and the beast
Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Similar to her winter look, the hairstyle Emma sported is also a half updo with more wavy curls. Curl your hair before you tie it. You can also use a teasing brush to build some volume for the upper half of your hair, like Emma’s in the movie.

The messy updo

emma watson at 2014 oscars
Photo credit: Getty

While it may look confusing, Emma’s messy updo is easily achievable if you have wavy hair. Use curling iron to get the wavy hair look, then follow this tutorial.

Twist your hair into five sets of curls, secure them with hair pins, and get those silver star accessories in to complete the look!

Dramatic side part

emma watson at noah premiere
Photo credit: Zuma Press

It’s amazing the changes a side part can do to your look, especially one that is as extreme as Emma’s at the Noah premiere. Create a clear parting that is directly above the centre of one of your eye. Comb it straight and pull the remainder of your hair to the other side. Accessorise the taut side with a fancy hair pin and you’re ready for the premiere!

Here’s a simple tutorial for this look.

Double headband

emma watson at half blood prince london premiere
Photo credit: Getty

Because two is better than one. Create a slight side parting and pull your hair into a loose ponytail, leaving the sides and your fringe free, then make it into a bun. Braid parts of the loose hair on the side and secure it around your bun. Criss-cross the remaining hair around your updo.

You can check out the detailed tutorial here.

The French twist

emma watson french twist
Photo credit: Getty

This is super simple. You don’t even need a hairband (unless your hair is quite long and heavy), just four to five hair pins to secure the twist. Check out the tutorial here.

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written by Esther Chung