Easy Christmas Decorations To Bring You Holiday Cheer

It’s almost Christmas so it’s time to break out the bits and baubles, the sleighs and reindeer, and spray-can snow because Malaysia doesn’t have a winter but we need it for the ~aesthetic~

It’s not too late to decorate, even if Christmas is just around the corner. If buying a full-size tree and winding tinsel and fairy lights seem like too much work, these quick Christmassy tips will get your home jolly and ready for Advent season.

1. Spread The Cheer

Image Credit: Dans le Lakehouse

Decorate your rooms with hanging Christmas and season-themed baubles – the ones normally used for Christmas trees, like the sparkly balls, golden bells, crystal reindeers, and foam snowflakes would do just fine. Dangle them from furniture and fixtures to cheer up the room and build a Christmassy mood. Use ribbon instead of string for an even prettier look!

2. Light The Way

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Along with your bits and baubles, string fairy lights all over to brighten your space. White LED ones give an elegant look and feel, while colourful bulbs add to the playful, exciting holiday spirit. The ones that come with a speaker and play Christmas songs double the cheer. However, be careful when stringing the lights to avoid creating a fire hazard.

3. Season’s Greeting

Image Credit: badt.us

Not too into Santas, elves, and reindeer? You can still participate in the seasonal cheer by decorating with seasonally themed items. Plant-based décor using poinsettia, holly, mistletoe, chestnuts, and pinecones give a rustic, classy vibe, while tinsel and colourful fairy lights offer a playful feel. Even little gift boxes and candles can add to the themed décor without getting too deep into the Christmas lore.

4. Foodie Fun

Image Credit: YouTube

Malaysians love food, so what better way to brighten the mood than with Christmas decorations based on themed goodies? A simple jar of candy canes and peppermint sweets on the table works wonders to add Christmas cheer. So will a Christmas-themed tin of butter cookies. A glass case of gingerbread men is sure to please. If you’re an aspiring baker, why not make a few batches of Christmas cupcakes or reindeer biscuits? They can double as gifts as well!

5. Holly Jolly Trays

Image Credit: My Fancy House

For a hassle-free, self-contained piece, get a tray or large decorative plate and fill them up with holiday-themed goodies, like Christmas baubles, pinecones, and colourful rhinestones, pine branches and candles, or even plastic flowers. These holiday trays will brighten up your dining tables, coffee tables, or even work desk.

6. Card Crazy

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Still getting Christmas cards in the mail because those are always better than tacky e-cards? Use them as decorations by sticking them to the wall with tape, or pinning them onto a mounted corkboard. You can even string them up and hang them from furniture, or make a greeting card Christmas tree in lieu of a traditional one.

7. Crafting Cheer

Image Credit: babydocclub

In the crafting mood and want to add something a little more personal into the décor? Try making your own Christmas decorations! It could be as easy as paper snowflakes or pipe cleaner Tannenbaum, or as fancy as a hipster Christmas terrarium complete with a little Santa, reindeer, and sleigh along with your succulents.

8. Colour Coded

Image Credit: Christmas Décor

If decorating and crafting seems too much of a hassle, you can brighten your home with colours associated with Christmas instead. Swap out your regular cushion covers, curtains, and bedspread for the jolly red and greens or elegant silver and whites, or use a tablecloth with Christmas patterns and prancing reindeers.

Studies show that people who start early on their decorations are generally happier and more sociable. Sure it’s only a few days to Christmas, but it’s never too late to start practising for next year. Besides, a splash of holiday cheer can brighten your mood any day!

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