Don’t take our distance as us not caring, the MCO for Coronavirus is only temporary.

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve all been adhering to the do’s and don’ts to ensure the health and safety of every individual around us to ensure there is no spread of the virus.

Therefore during this crucial period, it is important for us to prioritise the safety of our valued customers and vendors. For the time being, all submitted requests will only be completed once the Movement Control Order is lifted (after April 14th) as your safety always comes first. 

But we do understand that there are some essential services that you might be needing at this point, whether your fridge needs a repair, your roof is leaking or your electrical wiring is all a sudden haywire, you can perhaps speak to your building management to see if they are able to assist or you could connect with our vendors and see how they can possibly accommodate you during the MCO. You can request for the service you need during this period, our vendors will get to you as soon as they can. 

In the meantime here are a few things you can do for your home. 

Start Sparking Joy 

It can be hard to stay motivated during this crucial period, but since we’re all bound to our homes we might as well have it tidy and organised. You can catch up on Netflix and stream Tidying up with Marie Kondo. This show will give you great insight into the art of tidying up and have you rethink the true meaning of joy. 

Read Up On Some Advice For Your Home 

You might be curious on why your aircond is blowing hot air, or what germs may be lurking in your home, with so many possibilities you might be facing especially during this lockdown, it’s always good to broaden your knowledge and understand what is really going on with your home. You can read up on the kaodim blog and find numerous categories from, plumbing, cleaning to even articles related to Covid-19 such as 3 ways to prevent children from getting coronavirus

Stay Inspired 

We’re sure you might begin staring around the home, seeing what lights you wish you installed but didn’t or wishing you had more storage space to store your stockpile without it overtaking your kitchen or the chipped paint that is currently eyeing you every day. During the lockdown, it’s hard not to notice the details, but staying inspired is a fantastic way to keep you excited about what is to come after the lockdown period. You can start looking through Pinterest and create your board, whether it’s a new paint colour for the wall, new living room theme, there is something for everyone. 

Feeling excited about your home yet? We are too, be sure to book a service during this lockdown period, so we can attend to your home needs, as soon as the MCO is lifted.