USJ Cycle Bike Shop: Reap The Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling is a popular leisure activity, and doubles as a go-to mode of transport for many nations and cities worldwide. Malaysians too are catching on to the popularity and versatility of cycling, with more office workers in metropolitan areas taking the bike to work.

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But what’s the big deal about cycling?

While we might associate the rickety old bicycles with a front basket to the nostalgia of 1960’s Malaysia, cycling is a pretty contemporary and hip form of exercise and an economic way to travel – it’s not just for your grandmas anymore:

1. A Great Form Of Exercise

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Cycling is a good form of low-impact cardio that’s often as beneficial but less injurious as running. The amount of calories burnt depends on the distance, duration and intensity of paddling as well as your individual fitness. It is also more accessible than many other forms of exercises – you literally just need to learn to cycle and you’re good to go!

Besides working your heart and lungs, cycling also engages many muscle groups and improves your core strength, posture, stability and endurance. And if you’re thinking of buying a mountain bike in Malaysia, USJ Cycles offers some great selections.

2. A Great Way To Travel

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Walking can only get you so far, and driving sometimes isn’t worth it considering the traffic congestion and hassle of finding parking. So cycling is a great option for those quick stops at the grocery stores that are too long on foot but accessible enough not to warrant a car ride.

Most towns and cities are also incorporating bicycle lanes for more accessibility, although you’ll always have to be mindful of traffic. Also, it’s worth investing on a good helmet, as well as bicycle lights or reflective gear if you’re thinking of cycling when it gets a little dark. You can get these at most bicycle shops throughout Malaysia.

3. Cool Bikes & Cycling Gear

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From foldable urban bikes to customisable and trendy gear, there’s no end to the type of gadgets and equipment you can get once you go all into cycling. Generally, you’ll be able to find two common types of bicycles – road bikes with narrower tires for the best speeds on paved roads or the more ubiquitous mountain bikes for off-road activates – in many bicycle shops.

If you’re not too sure which bike you should choose, professionals such as those in the USJ Cycle bike shop can help you figure which is best for your needs.

While good bicycle gear don’t come cheap, ensure you’re not skimping on the quality – it’s worth investing in durable and high-quality equipment for your safety and comfort. Be on the lookout for deals and promotions in Malaysia for bicycle gear to get your money’s worth!

4. You Get To Find Friends

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Cycling can be done individually, but there’s a great community surrounding this fun leisure activity as well. Various organisations host competitive or communal fun rides with free bicycle rentals throughout the year. There are even initiatives or fun tours to bike around in Malaysia!

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