Do A Double-Take If You’re Bored Of Your Garden Landscape

How many times a day do you look in the mirror to check that your hair’s still spiked-up and that all your make-up’s in place? Now, think about your garden landscape – is it looking as good as it should be, or has it been stuck in a design rut and is starting to lose its charm?

Maybe you’ve run out of ideas and it’s definitely a good time to call in your landscaping contractor for some professional advice. Before you do, you could try out these simple add-ons and changes to refresh the appearance of your garden:

1. Include More Variety Of Plantings & Flowers

Plantings and flowers are at the heart of your landscape design. Flowers will always make a garden more calm and inviting, and you can give your garden a fresh new look by simply changing the variety of flowers that you have. Visit a nursery or ask your landscape contractor about your planting options and play around with different ideas of how and where you’d like to plant them in the garden; use pots, create flower beds or plant them directly in the ground!

There are so many colourful variety of tropical flowers available in Malaysia like bougainvillea, orchid, hibiscus, bird of paradise, fuchsia, bachelors button, lobster claws and many more that you can choose for your garden.

2. Create Outdoor Seating

Plan a little garden surprise in the corner by creating an outdoor seating area. This will totally change the way you see your garden and it’s something to look forward to when you want to relax or have tea with your family and friends.

It can just be as simple as adding a garden bench, placing a swing or pairing a couple of outdoor chairs and a table. For more ambitious garden ideas, you can hire a renovation contractor or professional landscape designer to build a gazebo, patio area or an outdoor deck.

Source (clockwise from top left):, &
Source (clockwise from top left):, &

3. Use Garden Decor To Conceal Unsightly House Parts

Sometimes it’s not what you do that creates an eyesore, but it’s what you don’t do! Have a quick look around your garden if there’s anything sticking out like a sore thumb. It could be the outdoor water filter, garden pipe, faucets, rubbish bin or bare concrete curb that is making your garden look less appealing.

To cover up these unattractive parts, plant small shrubs around garden pipes or place potted plants by the concrete curb. For the avid DIY-er, you can recycle wooden palettes and decorate them to hide any unwanted features.

Source (Clockwise from top left):,, &
Source (Clockwise from top left):,, &

There are in fact, fake rock features with a hollow inside that you can purchase in different sizes from the store to cover over unsightly things like those water filters – perfect for concealing and adding some nature-inspired decor to your landscape!

Source: (left) & (right)
Source: (left) & (right)

You can save a whole lot of money with these simple garden facelifts that you can plan and do by yourself. If you’re looking for a professional garden makeover, get in touch with our experienced garden landscapers and landscaping contractors on!