Disinfection services you need after the lockdown (Home, Car & Commercial)

The current global pandemic has made it important for us to take the necessary precautions for our health. With the virus being able to survive on surfaces for up to 5 days, it is essential to get your home, office or shop lot disinfected after the MCO. Here are some disinfection services you need after the MCO.

Disinfection Service

Even with the MCO being lifted it does not mean that you’re entirely safe, keeping your home hygiene in check is important to ensure no harmful germs and viruses are making you sick. 

With Kaodim’s Disinfection service you can kill up to 99.9% of germs and viruses in your surroundings. The service is available for your home, office and shop lot and uses a non-toxic, non- irritant, and non-tainting material, plus the service can be completed within hours on the same day. 


Studies have shown germs and viruses can last on surfaces for more than a day, making it dangerous if someone touches the surface and touches their mouth, face or eyes. If you are living with family or friends it is highly recommended to get your home disinfected to keep you and your family healthy.


Working in an office with the amount of people coming in and out, it is always a good idea to get your office disinfected. This is a way to minimise your employees getting sick and help maintain your office hygiene especially during this crucial period.  

Shop lot

With the amount of customers it’s hard to tell who’s healthy and who’s not, that’s why it is especially important to get the shop lot disinfected to ensure there is no spread of viruses on surfaces of goods. 

Kaodim Disinfection Service

 Car Seat Sanitizing

Car sanitization is key to giving your car the deep cleaning it needs, with interiors made of fabric, plastic and leather there needs to be a proper procedure when handling such materials. These materials can also breed harmful germs that can last up to 72 hours but with our steaming process, we can eliminate these harmful germs deep within the fabric and can last up to months. The areas we covered include seats, carpet and boot.

Kaodim Car Sanitizatio Service

Car Disinfection

Getting your car disinfected is a great way to keep the surface of your interior clean. Car Disinfection aims to kill the microscopic organisms in your car. The process will cover your car’s interior via fogging and eliminate more than 99.9% of harmful viruses, germs and bacteria, plus the service can be completed within 30 minutes.

After the lockdown is lifted, make sure you always take care of your health and surroundings. Book our disinfection services or home sanitization services now, and we are happy to help you after the MCO.