5-Star disinfection services for your hotels and restaurants

As the Coronavirus spreads rapidly normal cleaning does not kill germs effectively. Here are the reasons why you need to book disinfection services for your hotels and restaurants to decrease any risk of spreading infection. 

Your Guests Should Feel Safe & Be Safe 

According to MAH, all Malaysians returning from abroad are to undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine at the designated hotel. Therefore, having a clean and hygienic hotel is one of the important factors in ensuring the safety of existing guests as well as potential guests. 

All the high-touched surfaces should be disinfected at least once a week to prevent the spreading of viruses, especially front-desk counters, doors handle, faucet handle and elevator buttons. This is because the experts have found that viruses can live on these hard surfaces for several hours a day. Hence, if you’re a hotel owner you should get your hotel disinfected to provide a germ-free environment for your guests.

You Should Minimise Potential Risk Customers 

People are constantly coming and going especially now with conditional MCO. Registrations of customers and wearing face mask has become the new norm but does not reduce the risk of viruses in your restaurant. Therefore it is important for restaurants to be operating in a hygienic condition to protect employees and customers from getting sick. 

Kitchen surfaces can harbour bacteria, which makes it even riskier as food is also prepared in this space making regular disinfection essential. Transmission of viruses and germs can happen from unwashed hands, airborne particles and many other ways which can put customers at risk. The kitchen sink itself contains 44 times more harmful germs than your toilet seats!

Need help with disinfection for your hotels or restaurants? Kaodim disinfection service can help you to kill 99.9% of germs and viruses during the MCO period. Our experts are equipped with industry-standard medical-grade proven solutions and non-toxic disinfectant products. Book our disinfection services via our Kaodim apps now and you can enjoy up to RM50 OFF!