How To Disinfect Toys Safely

Especially during times like these, everyone is taking the utmost precautions and measurements to prevent themselves and their loved ones from falling sick or in the worst-case scenario catching the virus. Did you know children are exposed to countless numbers of germs daily and the majority of which are from toys? Put an end to the exposure of unhealthy toys from your children by disinfecting their toys, here is how to do it safely and effectively.


1. Dishwashing liquid and water



This simple combination is most effective to remove bacteria and germs on plastic toys because of the solid and firm structure that allows them to be scrubbed and dried quickly. To clean plastic toys, you will need a cloth, some water and any cleaning solution. 


First, wet the toy’s surface with some water, to sanitize the toy, take the cloth and put some cleaning solution on it. Give the toy a thorough wipe covering all surfaces and smaller areas. Rinse the toy to wash off the soap and leave it to let dry.


2. Sanitized wet wipes



Sanitized wet wipes are a great option for cleaning toys that have batteries and cannot be soaked in water. All you have to do for this method is to wipe down the toy using the wet wipes and let it dry for a few minutes.

Do remember to change the sanitized wet wipes regularly when wiping the toys, this prevents any bacteria and germs from transferring from one toy to another. Cleaning and sanitizing toys are important but house cleaning is especially crucial if there are bacteria and germs on toys, any surface that is in contact with the toys may potentially have them too. 


If you need help with house cleaning, book our professional cleaners to remove not just dirt but also germs and bacteria that are laying around in your home.


3. Washing machine




Your child’s favourite toy may also be one of the dirtiest toys in the collection. Soft toys may look welcoming for a hug, but they are also notorious for collecting dust and bacteria. 

An easy way to solve this problem by putting them in the washing machine. All you need to do is place them into a pillowcase before tossing them into the wash. Be sure to set the washing machine to it’s most gentle settings to keep any soft toys with delicate fabrics from getting ruined.

Now that the toys are clean, make sure everywhere else in the house is. Don’t forget about car disinfecting or sanitizing service which is most commonly left out from the cleaning cycle. Take good care of yourselves and never neglect the cleanliness of anything around you because it might very well pose a threat to your health.

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