Discover 5 Paint Colours For A Cool, Calm & Relaxed Room

Painting is a great way to update any room at a very low cost, given that you get it right with the correct colour choices. Colours have the ability to affect our mood and it can be soothing, healing and get you refreshed again. For those of you looking for a calm sanctuary, check out these 5 paint colours that can give your home a relaxing vibe:

1. Purple Lilacs & Lavender

We all know lavender as a top calming aromatic, but these soft purple colours can also soften the room without being too bland and it gives a bit of ‘happy’ to anyone walking in. Calm and cool, vibrant yet relaxed, it’s a great colour for bedrooms.

The regal hue certainly has a presence, but doesn't overwhelm this charming guest room.

2. Light Green

Green colours help people to relax and cools the surrounding down. Tones like ‘forest green’ bring in the comforts and tranquility of nature, perfect for winding down at the end of your long day.


3. Light Blue

Balance your light blue walls with warm coloured interior decor and furnishing to create a cozy room. Contrary to dark blues which evoke sadness (we can see why!), light blue is a relaxing colour that puts people at ease and it’s believed to actually slow down heart rates and lower blood pressure levels.

Explore warmer shade of blues for family and communal areas like the living room and kitchen.


4. Pale Pinks

You wouldn’t normally associate pinks as being relaxed, but painting your walls a pale or dusty pink can help to reduce rage and feeling angry while promoting loving environment at the same time.


It’s a soothing and nurturing colour, that is why it’s a suitable colour for nursery rooms.

5. Greys

Greys are just the most calming and flexible family in the world of interior paint – even having grey undertones in your blues and greens makes a whole lot of difference! It’s minimalistic appeal can make your home look expensive instantly.

Warmer greys have a naturally organic feel and it’s very casual. Use this colour scheme for any room in the house for a chic-urban look!


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