How dirty is your car?

The appearance of your car might seem squeaky-clean but experts found that the interior of a car can be a haven for germs, dust mites and even mould! This is because drivers always overlook the cabin when it comes to cleaning. Here are three dirtiest places in your car: 

Seat belts can be filthy 

Seat belts are safety devices installed in the car to protect you while driving, however, they are also ideal grounds for germs to thrive. For instance, if you’re not washing your hands after gassing up, those harmful microorganisms can be easily transmitted to your seat belt by your germy hands. In addition to this, the steering wheel or car buttons can be covered in germs as well.

Besides sanitizing your hands often, we recommend booking Kaodim Car Disinfection service to get rid of the unwanted germs and viruses now.

You’re breathing in unhealthy air!

Mildew and mould are the common sources of bacteria in your car’s air conditioning system. In fact, your car’s aircon is a great breeding ground for these microorganisms because it is dark and moist, especially when it’s turned on. The growth of mould can prevent cold air from blowing through the vent and emit an irritating odour.

Breathing in the contaminated air can lead you to asthma, allergic reactions, fatigue and others. A quick hack to clean your car’s aircon is spraying the system using a disinfectant spray.

Car seats can be home to small insects

If you often eat in the car, food crumbs will possibly fall into cracks in between the seats, causing bacteria build-up because it’s difficult to clean. Also, your filthy car seat can be home to nasty insects that are attracted to fallen food. 

These insects that carry diseases will negatively impact your health. Be sure you hire our Kaodim experts to disinfect your car in order to minimize the risk of illnesses and keep your car germ-free for all passengers. 

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