Design Your Home Office For Success Using This Guide

Flexible work arrangements in Malaysia are becoming popular and it’s always great to not have to sit through a couple hours of jam everyday. A good home office has to be functional, practical for you to be productive and efficient, add a pinch of style and you can truly own the space! You can either hire an interior designer or renovation contractor on Kaodim to help you design your work base, or follow these design guidelines if you rather be in charge of your own home office plans:


It’s very likely that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office, so don’t compromise on space when deciding on which room to use for it. There’s no point cramping up your office in a tiny corner of your house to preserve the guest room for your great grandaunt who visits once a year.

Be sure to also choose a location with minimal distractions so you can fully focus.



Function Over Form

When choosing your office furniture, consider the workflow and ultimate purpose of each piece, and don’t decide based on its aesthetic values only (imagine how you would be using them when working).

Your home office furniture should also complement those in the other rooms to create a design scheme that flows through the entire house. For instance, if you have a minimalist decor, go for pieces that are simple and sleek. Don’t forget to invest in a beautiful, ergonomically-correct and comfortable chair for your office as well.


Lighting Source

It doesn’t matter if it’s natural light, wall lights, or overhead lights, having enough lighting in your home office is very important. Since you’ll be working for long hours over the computers or reading pages of reports, having enough lighting installed will help reduce eye strains and headaches (and you won’t be sending emails full of typos to your clients!)

Tip: Choose fluorescent bulbs to get maximum lighting. Position your computer monitor where there is no glare from your source of lighting. If possible, position your desk towards the window where you’ll have plenty of natural lighting and can also enjoy the outside view.

Colour Palette

Choose a colour palette that gets your engine running and help you to be fully focused when doing your work. Generally, blue tends to stimulate productivity, yellow for creativity and red for physical activities. However, all of us react to colours differently, find out what stimulates a mind-emotional balance that work best for the type of job that you do.

You can also have wallpaper installed and use bold office furniture or decor items to incorporate accent colours in the room.


Feature Wall

Inspire yourself with a feature-wall cum mini-shrine to motivate and inspire your creativity to achieve your goals (or complete your brief at the end of the day!).

Your shrine can be a tribute to the businessman or woman you aspire to be, or it can just be a collection of pictures of the places you are saving up to travel on your next vacation – whatever gets you up and going!

Can you smell success already? Contact Kaodim’s network of interior designers and renovation contractors to give you the best advice on designing a productive, functional and comfortable work space at home. We also have specialist to supply your curtains, wallpaper installation, paintwork, lighting installation, electrical wiring and custom-made furniture to fit into your home office.