4 Home Design Tips from Michael Phelps’ Arizona Mansion

Photo credit: townandcountrymag.com

When the most famed Olympian retires, you will be rest assured that he will retire in style. Phelps finished his amazing career with 28 medals and the whole world rooting for him. The Olympics were great, but that was not the only surreal thing he’s achieved this year. He recently became a father for the first time to a lovely little boy called Boomer, and we’re positive that this amazing mansion was purchased with little Boomer’s future in mind as well.

This five bedroom property cost USD 2.5 million and is roughly 6000 square feet. It is situated near the Arizona State University Campus where Phelps is planning to coach a swim team. It seems like the perfect place to retire and raise a family.

Marble Countertops And Hardwood Floors

kitchenPhoto credit: elledecor.com

The kitchen just exudes class and elegance. Marble countertops are always in huge demand due to how amazing it looks. It offers spectacular beauty and no two slabs are alike, so no matter where you decide to purchase your countertops from, be rest assured that it will all be unique. Getting a marble countertop is a great investment because it can withstand the heat from pots and pans.

Installing hardwood floors is another great tip because it’s quiet and comfortable. It absorbs sound and unlike tiles, it isn’t as cold when you decide to walk without your socks. When compared to carpeting, hardwood flooring is the clear winner because you can clean up easily and any spillage can be wiped off immediately.

Let the Light In 

light in living room
Photo credit: usmagazine.com

You can’t go wrong with this internationally-acclaimed design tip, and Phelps’ office workplace is the epitome of this piece of advice. The windows are not covered and he is letting as much natural light in as possible. This gives the illusion of a much larger space and it creates a bright and pleasant space, instantly boosting the aesthetic of the home.

Open Home Concept

open-concept home
Photo credit: townandcountrymag.com

The mansion has an open-home concept where there are no walls dividing the living room from the kitchen. This is great because you are allowing for a free flow of energy. This way, Michael can spend time cooking and watching TV without having to worry about where his fiancee and son are because they are probably right there in the living room. It also makes your home feel much larger, thus giving the illusion of space which is very important if you do not have much of it.

His and Her Bathroom Designs

  phelps toiletPhoto credit: townandcountrymag.com 

Living together can be great. But after some time, everyone develops their own hygiene routine and it can be cumbersome if both of them need to get ready at the same time. Therefore, the inclusion of two sinks, or rather two separate spaces allows Michael and his fiancee, Nicole Johnson to get ready at their own pace and not have to fight over countertop space. As a design tip, this just adds to the symmetry of the bathroom.

We’re sure Phelps’ has good taste in design, but we’re willing to bet that he took plenty of advice from an interior designer behind the scenes. Need advice on the various types of marble countertops, what colour to paint your living room or how to achieve an open-home concept in your own house? Log on to Kaodim and submit a request for interior designers and home renovation contractors. Within minutes, you will receive customised quotes from our service providers that will help you compare rates, view their portfolios and read customer reviews. Happy renovating!

written by Tashya Viknesh