Delicious Deepavali Recipes That Are Really Easy To Prepare

Deepavali is commonly known as the Festival of Lights and is of utmost importance to the Indian community. This festival represents the triumphant win of light over darkness, signifying the bad being eradicated by the good. It is a joyful day of celebration with loved ones, which includes a lot of really delicious food. In celebrating Diwali, we have racked up a few recipes for Indian treats that are totally easy to make. Follow these Youtube tutorials below!

1. Laddoo

motichoor-laddoo deepavali treatPhoto credit:  

This ultimate sweet treat that will bring many to their feet! Laddoo’s are ball-shaped sweets made of flour, minced dough and sugar. There are additional ingredients that can be added, and Laddoos are varied all over the world. Watch the video below to learn how to make this decadent dessert.

2. Murukku

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This classic treat is a staple in any household. It is a savoury Indian snack. This snack originates from Tamil Nadu and it’s name is derived from the Tamil word “twisted”. Made from rice and black pea flours, Murukku embodies a crunchy, flavourful taste that fills your senses with the rich spices kneaded into the dough.

3. Ribbon Pakoda

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This crispy snack is crafted from rice flour and range of spices. It holds a nice, spicy surprise when you bite into it. Serve this and your guests will be easily delighted.

Should you decide to serve a wider array of dishes and snacks, hire caterers on Kaodim to ease your workload so you can focus on getting your house ready for guests. Having an experienced caterer will definitely smoothen the preparation process for you. Happy Deepavali!

written by Tashya Viknesh