Decluttering During COVID!

Staying at home more often can be boring doing the same things every day and not being able to go out. Why not utilize the extra time you have to declutter and organize your home. Here are a few things you should get rid of in your home.


1. Expired beauty products



Maybe keeping your old makeup and beauty products keeps you optimistic in hopes of one day leaving your house and hanging out with your friends and family. But you should know that these products do have an expiry date too.

Using expired beauty products will not only have the opposite effect of what it’s meant for and instead can cause breakouts or skin irritation, as well as take up unnecessary space. So go through your beauty products, check their expiry date and chuck the expired ones out.


2. Damaged wires



There is absolutely no reason to keep old and damaged wires lying around your house as it will do you more harm than good. Having damaged wires around the house is not only a waste of space but it also can be a tripping hazard if not stored away properly.

It is not recommended at all to use faulty or damaged wires as it could be highly dangerous to use. Ensure the safety of you and your family by getting rid of faulty and damaged wires around the house.

Ignoring faulty electrical wiring or damages at home are very dangerous habits. Don’t turn a blind eye on them and hire our professional electricians to help you solve your electrical problems.


3. Old receipts



No matter if you keep your receipts crumpled or folded, just get rid of them. The only exception for you to keep receipts is for items with an active warranty, bank receipts, vouchers or tax claimable receipts, if it is none of the above, it’s time to get rid of them.

If you are keeping useful receipts, do keep them neat and organised to avoid misplacing and messing them up. You wouldn’t want to flip the whole house just to find that receipt for your dysfunctioning TV.


4. Old leftovers & condiments



Is it a warzone in your fridge and why does it smell so bad? Keeping your leftovers is a good habit to practice to save money and not waste food, but it is a bad habit to not eat your leftovers and leave it to rot.

An easy tip for you to keep track of your leftovers is to write the date you placed the food in the fridge and stick a sticky note on it. This way you will no longer be confused with what should be eaten or thrown out and eliminates the risks of you consuming rotten food.


5. Old medicine



How long have you left that cough syrup in the fridge? Just like food, medicine too has an expiry date, it is not advisable to consume any expired medication and risk falling sick again or worsening your illness.

Throwing out old medicine ensures that you get the best help you can get when you’re feeling sick and also like everything else on this list helps declutter your home. Throwing out medicine is a little different than just chucking it in the bin.

For liquids, you will want to pour it in a sealed bag and mix with other items to make it unrecognisable before placing it in the bin, do not pour it down the toilet bowl or sink. For pill bottles, you will want to scratch off your personal information on the bottle before throwing it away.

Now it’s time for you to make good use of the extra time on your hand. If you need help cleaning your home, hire our professional cleaners. They will ensure your home is left clean, neat and tidy. Enjoy great benefits like a reservice if unsatisfied.