Customer Testimonial: Swan. Plumber Needed, 5 Quotations and Introductions Provided.

Swan needed a professional plumber to fix a clogged sink after trying several DIY methods that did not work.

Swan was asked to find a plumber who could fix the clogged sink in her employer’s house in Tropicana Indah, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The kitchen sink was not draining even after trying to unclog the sink using draining liquid.

When DIY efforts did not work, Swan put in a request for a plumber on and within 2 hours she received 3 quotations from reliable and leading plumbers who were interested and available to repair her sink. Within 8 hours she received 2 more quotations and introductions to compare.

Eventually, Swan went with Chia, of Chia Plumbing Specialist whom she thought was the best among the others.

“I was happy with the job and what was done. It turned out to be more complicated than both of us had anticipated. Chia had to go out a couple of times to get some parts. In total he spent slightly more than 4 hours on the job. Most importantly, he was true to his quote and fixed the problem. He was competent and reliable and I’m pretty happy with his service,” said Swan.

“The sinks are now unclogged and everything works great,” she added.

Chia, on the other hand, says, “I like how Kaodim gives me more jobs and new clients. I’m a plumbing specialist and Kaodim sends me jobs specifically for plumbing. I’ve only recently gone out to start plumbing services on my own so advertising is important for me. Going out on my own is new and challenging and Kaodim definitely helps”.

Chia, Chia
Chia, of Chia Plumbing Specialist

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