Customer Testimonial: Rachel

Your Usual Guy Isn’t Always The Best

Our customer, Rachel, had previously hired her usual contractor to help install a sliding metal grill door in her home for added safety. To her surprise, she returned instead to a glass door! Not only that, the measurements were wrong and Rachel could barely fit through this new “door” of hers. She felt unsafe and vulnerable with the glass door, fearing that her home could be an easy target for thieves.

She needed the door replaced immediately and she wanted it done by a new yet reliable contractor. As a full-time business owner, Rachel didn’t have the time to search, call and explain the situation to various contractors just to get a quotation. So she tried Kaodim for the first time. She uploaded a photograph of what she needed with all the measurements and left the rest to us. Within a few hours, she received several quotations from reliable contractors who were ready to get the job done. Now, she’s finally got the sliding metal grill door she wanted but more importantly, she and her family feel safe in their home.

It can be that easy for you too.

Just one photo and Kaodim!  Job done.