Customer Testimonial: Chen & Dee

Loving parents wanted to capture every moment of their daughter growing up.

Chen and Dee are Malaysians that have been living in Australia for the past 7 years, 2 of those years have been with Emma their now 2 year old daughter. Chen and Dee ‘s parents don’t get to see Emma very often. They can only imagine how she fast she grows and learns through intermittent updates she gets from Chen and Dee, who are busy with their hectic professional lives in Australia.

To the delight of Emma’s grandparents, Chen and Dee came back to Malaysia with Emma last week. Watching her entertain them with antics she is only capable of at 2 years of age reminded them of the very few wonderful things in life.   As these moments are fleeting, it was important for Chen, Dee and their parents to take photographs together that they will look at for years, and to share with friends and family and further generations to come.

With only a week to have the photographs sorted, Kaodim introduced a number of professional photographers to Chen and Dee who were able to assist them with their photographs at a particular budget and time.  Vincent Lee of  Vincent Lee Photography, who has his own studio in Taman Desa was hired and the entire family made their way to his studio last Saturday.

Chen and Dee recall how difficult it was to get Emma to smile during the shoot. But Vincent was patient and entertaining, and he even had toys to keep Emma smiling. They remember his professionalism and clear articulation of directions for poses and how to come across both attractively and naturally in the photographs so they would get some excellent results. It was a rare, enjoyable day out with the family and Emma had loads of fun too. Seeing the candid smiles reminded Vincent of why he loves his job.

Though it may be a while before Chen and Dee’s parents see Emma again, the memories of that wonderful day have been preserved in beautiful form. It may be just be ordinary images to many, but these images are family to Chen, Dee and their parents. They will keep Chen and Dee’s parents’ hearts warm until Emma comes home again.



Vincent, together with Chen, Emma and Dee after the shoot.