Here Are 7 Creative Lampshades That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Lampshades often conjure up images old houses filled with large heavy armchairs and musty carpets. Although lampshades aren’t usually thought of as important, they can radically transform the mood of a room. Lampshades can be fun and experimental, as well as elegant and serious. It all depends on what the space needs.

A lampshade’s main role is to diffuse light and spread it further across a room. However, in addition to being functional, lampshades can become loud statements too.Consider some of these lampshade designs the next time you want to renovate or re-decorate your room.

1. Greenhouse Glass

This lampshade is designed by Czech designer Kristyna Markvartova to be placed in the kitchen. In addition to being a lamp, it’s a planter that can hold soil. The idea was to encourage homeowners to grow some herbs for their kitchen in these translucent and iridescent glass bowls.

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 2. The Bird’s Nest

Believe it or not, this lampshade can be home made using rolled up old newspapers or old magazines. All you need is to search the internet for a short tutorial. You can control the size of the sphere by controlling the size of the individual cylinders. Once completed, you can place them over any bare bulb and end up with something that looks like it came from an art gallery.

Image credit: Catch My Party

3. Jellyfish Dreams

These dreamy lamp shades will make you feel like you’re floating under water. Complete with hanging tentacles, you’ll be delighted at how lightweight they are. They appear to be made from a lightweight and soft plastic which is layered on top of each other to create a three dimensional jellyfish.

image credit: Behance

4. The Lacy Ribbon

This lovely and feminine lamp shade is perfect for creating a soft and comforting environment. It’s not too small or too large, and its monochromatic colour scheme will mean that you can use it with almost any color combination. There is patterned light coming from this lampshade, which will also form decorative patterns on your wall.

Lacy Ribbon
Image credit: houston

5. Re-purposed Liquor Bottles

Old wine and liquor bottles can recycled and made into very charming glass lampshades. This upturned bottles are perfect for the lounge or places where you’re expecting guests. Remember that they’re specially recycles by professional with the right tools, and should not be done at home as glass cutting and smoothing needs specific skills.

Image credit: Warisan Lighting

6. The Children’s Safari

A soft light emanates from this lamp shade that casts shadows of animals on the walls. Imagine this lampshade in a child’s bedroom. It would help them sleep much easier and bring them comfort. Lampshades can tell different stories and this one holds tales of adventure and fantasy.

Image credit: Pinterest

7. The Fluffy Lampshade

Believe it or not, this lampshade is made of hundreds of coffee filters, giving us the impression that it is made of flowers. A soft, spring like lampshade that conjures up afternoons spent in the gardens drinking tea. That’s exactly what this particular lampshade tries to achieve.

Image credit: Homedit

You can transform any part of your home with just some minor changes. Even changing some lampshades can create a different interior. Don’t forget that there are many renovators here on Kaodim that can be your gateway to better a better home.