7 Creative Chinese New Year Cookies You Can Make This Year

Cookies! The yummy treats that we look forward to the most every Chinese New Year. They are the main highlights besides the ang pows – the only highlight actually once you’ve passed the ang pow-receiving phase of your life.

We all love pineapple tarts, but hey, it’s time to get a little more creative this time. For this Chinese New Year, add variety to your snack selection with these lucky seven treats:

1. Fried noodle cookies

Photo credit: Wanna Come With?
Photo credit: Wanna Come With?

Use a traditionally savoury ingredient to make a sweet treat! It’s a creative way of transforming a typical Chinese dish – fried noodles – into an equally yummy snack.

This recipe uses milk chocolate for the cookies, but feel free to change it up by using white chocolate, peanut butter, or any of your favourite sweets!


2. Lantern cookies

Photo credit: Sweet Sugarbelle
Photo credit: Sweet Sugarbelle

The kids will love this! Jazz up the simple butter cookies with creative icing. The cookies are easy to make, but the icing may be a little challenging. Don’t worry, there’s nothing that determination and creativity can’t help.

You can follow the guide to make the icing designs here.

3. Green tea leaves cookies

Photo credit: HubPages
Photo credit: HubPages

We all have friends who go crazy for anything green tea. They’re the ones who always order green tea lattes and green tea cakes. So, as a good friend and host, bake a batch of green tea cookies for these major matcha fans of yours.

In addition, green tea is really healthy too! Check out the recipe here.

4. Cherry blossom cookies

Photo credit: Jane's Corner
Photo credit: Jane’s Corner

Think Chinese New Year and cherry blossoms will come to mind. It’s one of the traditional and common spring season home decors. Guess what, you can make it into a snack too!

This creative recipe adds rose essence and cherries into a simple butter cookie to create this special delight.

5. Candied orange peels

Photo credit: Eating Richly
Photo credit: Eating Richly

Remember the orange peel snack from our childhood? They were packaged in black and tasted salty and sour at the same time. Evoke nostalgia by making a sweet version of it yourself!

You can substitute the orange peels with lemon or tangerine peels in this simple recipe. We recommend tangerine since it’s Chinese New Year.

6. Waffle fortune cookies

Source: Pinterest

East meets West when you make fortune cookies from waffles. Sure, it looks and probably will taste like a regular fortune cookie. However, the presentation and the texture will give you and your guest a delightful surprise!

You can learn how to make this special fortune cookie here.

7. Rose ginger steamed sponge cake

Photo credit: Goodie Godmother
Photo credit: Goodie Godmother

Unlike in the West, traditional Chinese cakes are usually steamed and not baked. Steamed sponge cake is one of the most common – and easy to make – Chinese cakes. This recipe adds rosebuds and ginger to the traditional recipe, giving the sweet cake a little kick.

You can serve this as a reunion dinner dessert of Chinese New Year breakfast for the family!

If you’re too busy with the savoury preparations for the big reunion dinner this year, you can order some delicious homemade cookies from Kaodim’s bakers! Just pick the type of Chinese New Year snacks you want by clicking on the button below, state your preference, and we’ll send you some quotations from our talented pastry chefs for you to choose from!


written by Esther Chung